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Get the kids excited to get out on the slopes with these awesome children’s snowboards from Cheap Snow Gear. Whether they are just starting out as beginners or have had their way around the slopes before; this collection certainly hosts the best quality and cheap snowboards for kids.

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Width front : 9.6"Center: 8.5"Rear : 9.6"Radius: 16'Effective edge : 29.2"Nb inserts: 2 x 6 (2 possible positions per binding/40 mm between each)Recommended stance: 13.8"Weight: 3.1lbs
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Sky Blue
Light Yellow
Dark Grey
Dark Khaki
Navy Blue
Light Grey
Type: All MountainAge: ChildLength (cm): 120cmModel Number: FSSD05
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Brand Name: PRO BEROSType: All Mountain / ParkAge: AdultLength (cm): 136cm 140cm 143cmModel Number: FSSD07
Out of stock
Brand Name: PRO BEROSType: All MountainAge: ChildLength (cm): 108-128cmModel Number: FSSD01
Out of stock
Light Green
Type: All MountainAge: ChildLength (cm): 130cmModel Number: FSSD02
Out of stock
Type: All MountainAge: ChildLength (cm): 110cmModel Number: FSSD04
Out of stock
Sky Blue
Navy Blue
Type: All MountainAge: ChildLength (cm): 110cmModel Number: FSSD03

With affordable prices, interesting and colourful designs to get the kids excited about the sport and premium quality; this collection provides a good value for money. No need to break the bank looking for the perfect snowboard for your little ones as this range discount snowboards for kids cheap will not only suit Mom and Dad but bring adventure into your children’s lives. Surprise your children on their next birthday with a brand new snowboard or even their very first and get them out on the slopes with you in no time. Cheap Snow Gear brings you a great selection to buy snowboards online. 

With top brands such as Graphic, Lamar, KIDS, PRO Beros and Stepsnow bringing you the quality, durability and capability you need; you can be sure to up your kids performance and techniques by simply adding one of these fantastic snowboards to their snowboarding gear and packing kit. Make your next adventure out on the slopes a fun experience for the whole family to join in together on.

Kids should definitely take advantage of the snow this winter. There's a wide variety of things they can do in the snow, from sledding to making snowmen. Snowboarding is a fun and safe activity for youngsters to test their limits and discover new terrain on the slopes. We offer a wide variety of snowboards, so you should have no trouble finding one that is suitable for your kid. You may save money on everything you need for an enjoyable and safe winter outdoors experience by shopping deals strategically.

kids snowboard

Snowboarding as a Kids' Activity

Snowboarding is one of the most fun winter sports and a common pastime for young people.

Indulge in the snow and the great outdoors in a new and exhilarating way by taking up the sport of snowboarding. In the process of having fun, youngsters are able to test their limits, grow in self-assurance, and acquire new abilities.

Learning the fundamentals of snowboarding is easy because it may be done on mountains or slopes. Many resorts provide beginner classes that may help kids learn the basics of balancing, steering, and turning. After mastering the fundamentals, pupils can move on to more complex moves like leaps and spins.

Young people might find a sense of belonging and friendship via snowboarding. You can find snowboarding camps and courses at most slopes, where youngsters may meet others with similar interests and learn the sport together. 

Snowboarding is primarily a physical exercise that offers several advantages for children. They benefit from increased strength, flexibility, and balance as a result of participating. Because it uses muscles in unique ways, it has the potential to boost physical and mental toughness. Snowboarding, being an outdoor sport, encourages youngsters to get moving and be active during the chilly winter months when they may otherwise be stuck indoors. The benefits to their mental health of learning to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature's splendor are not only short-term.

In conclusion, snowboarding is a fun activity that families can do together in the wintertime. Parents may strengthen their bonds with their children while sharing in the joy of the activity and watching their children develop as athletes.

Why Do Kids Love Our Snowboards?

There are a lot of reasons why our snowboards are such a success with youngsters. To begin with, they weigh next to nothing, which means you can move around with them with ease and have fun doing it. In addition to being safe and easy to ride, they are also available in many interesting colors and designs that are sure to catch the eye of young riders.

The long-lasting build is made to withstand abuse and last for years, keeping youngsters safe on the slopes. The bindings have adjustable straps for a snugger fit, preventing youngsters from slipping out in the middle of a run.

In conclusion, the quality and affordability of our snowboards cannot be matched. We've made it our mission to keep our costs low without compromising on quality or features, so you can get a fantastic snowboard without breaking the bank. Because of this, parents may buy their children a top-notch product without worrying about the high expense of maintenance or replacement.

Our kids' snowboards are the best option for families wishing to take their kids snowboarding in comfort and safety. Our boards are made to keep youngsters entertained for hours because of their portability, durability, and enticing aesthetics.

snowboarder child

How To Pick The Right Snowboard?

We're really pleased with the variety and high standard of our children's snowboards. Our commitment to delivering superior support for our clients extends to the boards we sell, which we work hard to ensure are secure and dependable. You can view selections of our winter gear and find kids' snowboards that will be ideal for any rider who wants to tackle the slopes in comfort. 

We provide a wide range of sizes and styles to suit the demands of all riders, from complete beginners to seasoned veterans of the mountain.

We have a wide variety of boards, including models with fun pop as well as increased stability and edge control. Our soft-top boards are a great option for novices since they are stable enough for learning the basics. These boards are made with beginners in mind, so your kid can get comfortable on the snow before tackling the more advanced tricks.

Models suitable for intermediate and all-mountain use, ideal for more difficult terrain and weather, are available for young riders with greater expertise. If you want your kid to have a reliable board for cruising down the mountain, you should get one of ours. Our snowboards are made from high-quality materials that last a long time and function very well.

What to Look For In a Snowboard?

Choosing the correct snowboard may seem like a difficult task if you're just starting out in the sport. There is a lot to think about, such as your skill level, height and weight, the terrain you choose, and your available funds. Some advice on selecting an appropriate snowboard for your skill level is provided below.

Take into account your current skill set first and foremost. Look for a snowboard that is easier to turn, has more give, and is designed for novices if you're just starting out. As a snowboarder of intermediate skill, you can opt for a board that is more aggressive in design and feel while still being comfortable and simple to turn. More advanced riders should opt for snowboards with sturdier construction and more prominent characteristics. Find a board that is appropriate for your skill level; don't get a pro model if you're just getting started!

The next thing to do is evaluate your stature and body mass index. It's possible that a different board would work better for your weight and height. For their weight, heavier riders may need boards with greater flex, while smaller riders might benefit from a softer board with less flex. In general, longer snowboards are preferable for taller riders, while shorter snowboards are preferable for shorter riders.

Third, think about the kinds of surfaces you'll most frequently be riding on. While freestyle snowboards excel at terrain parks, all-mountain boards are able to rapidly and effectively traverse any terrain. Consider the terrain you want to ride on and pick a board that is optimized for that surface.

As a last step, think about the cost. Depending on the brand, model, and features, snowboards may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. If you want to locate a nice snowboard that also fits your other criteria and doesn't break the bank, I recommend reading some internet reviews.

Is Snowboarding Safe For Kids?

Many people enjoy the thrill of snowboarding during the winter, but some parents may worry about their kids' well-being if they do it.

It's wonderful news that snowboarding is usually accepted as a safe activity for youngsters to participate in. In truth, snowboards have come a long way in the previous decade, with new features that make it much simpler for youngsters to maintain control and avoid accidents. Because there is no motor, it is a safer winter activity than using snowmobiles or jet skis.

child and dad snowboarders

Understand that snowboarding is not completely risk-free. Certain measures must be taken to guarantee safety while snowboarding.

The first is that young riders should always wear protective headgear. Helmets are crucial for preventing head injuries caused by colliding with objects or trees, in addition to guarding against falls and other accidents.

It is also crucial that kids know and follow the laws of the slopes. Avoiding collisions with other riders, being familiar with the best routes to take, and riding at a safe speed are all part of this. In addition, adults should keep an eye out for signals of exhaustion or trouble from their young riders on the slopes by standing close.

Parents also need to take precautions against the cold by making sure their children have dressed appropriately, including donning warm outerwear and sturdy footwear.

Last but not least, parents should consider enrolling their kids in snowboarding school before letting them go on the slopes. This will help students master safe board operation and the ability to react swiftly and decisively to potential danger. As an added bonus, students may learn the fundamentals of the sport from qualified instructors who can help them develop safe riding habits.

Overall, with the right safeguards, snowboarding may be a safe pastime for youngsters. Parents may rest easy knowing their children will have a fun and safe time on the slopes if they take the effort to ensure their children are aware of the potential dangers and take the necessary precautions.

Why Is Snowboarding Good For Children?

To begin, snowboarding is an excellent physical activity. The sport of snowboarding is great for developing strength and stamina in the core, as well as for improving one's sense of balance and coordination. As a result, kids are better able to build strong bones, bulk up their muscles, and stay limber.

Snowboarding has both physiological and psychological benefits. Skill in snowboarding calls for lightning-fast reflexes, undivided attention, and the ability to think on one's feet. Young children benefit greatly from these features as they work to hone their multitasking skills, an essential aspect of building healthy brains and sound minds. Children can gain self-esteem by taking on new tasks in the exciting setting of a ski resort.

Snowboarding is fun for the whole family and has many positive side effects, including improved health and happiness. Families may enjoy the outdoors and the sport of snowboarding together. 

snowboarding family

Children may enjoy the outdoors while feeling the thrill of flying down the slopes. Snowboarding can be a lot of fun and a great way to get kids outside and away from electronics if they enjoy winter sports and adventure. Snowboarding is a fantastic activity for kids to take part in for many reasons, including health and wellness, education, bonding with family, and fun times outside. Snowboarding's fast-paced, adrenaline-filled atmosphere and inherent difficulty make it a great sport for youngsters to develop their physical and mental toughness and learn new abilities.

Snowboarding is a fun winter sport that has many positive effects on youngsters' health and well-being. The activity is a great method for children to keep moving even in the winter.

Snowboarding has several positive physical benefits for children, including increased muscular strength and coordination, better balance, and strengthening core muscles. Moreover, it's a superb strategy for obtaining natural sunlight and oxygen. When paired with regular exercise and a good diet, snowboarding has been shown to aid with weight loss.

Learning how to snowboard is a terrific confidence builder since it provides them with an adrenaline rush and helps them overcome their fears. Learning to balance on the board, glide down the mountain, and modulate one's pace may all help kids develop self-control and discipline.

Young people can find a lot of social success in the sport of snowboarding. They might spend time together learning new skills from one another or competing against one another. Getting out on the slopes with other kids is a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to socialize and form friendships.

To sum up, snowboarding has several positive effects on children's health and development in all areas of life. Promoting their health all year round requires taking into account seasonal differences, such as the need to encourage children to maintain physical activity throughout the winter months.

To Snowboard or To Ski: Which Is Easier?

Two of the most well-known winter activities are snowboarding and skiing. Both are enjoyable ways to keep warm and keep moving when the temperature outside is miserable. So, which one is simpler to pick up?

little snowboarder

In general, learning how to ski is less difficult than snowboarding. Skiers don't have to struggle as much as snowboarders do to master the basics of staying upright, stopping, turning, and regulating their pace. This is due to the fact that skis provide you with two separate edges, each of which may be used to precisely steer and modulate your pace. Skiing also demands less coordination than snowboarding since it does not include learning how to twist and bend the body in different directions while traveling down the slope. On the other hand, if you're already well-versed in snowboarding, you could find that learning to ski is less of a learning curve than beginning to snowboard from scratch. Skis allow snowboarders to shift their center of gravity and balance, making it easier for them to make sudden directional changes.

Snowboarding is more challenging for novices than other winter sports because it necessitates the use of all of your body parts, not just your feet and legs. You must also practice shifting your weight from one side of the board to the other and finding the optimal body position for riding. A lot of work is required before you can accomplish this effortlessly. In addition, it may take some practice to discover the optimal posture, which varies from person to person based on parameters including body type, height, weight, and shoe size.

Both provide thrilling experiences that will leave you wanting more, so it really comes down to personal taste.

What Other Winter Gear Will My Kid Need?

If you are planning to equip your kid with complete snowboarding gear, then look out for these:

One must have a good snowboarding jacket and jeans. They are both warm and waterproof, which is important because snow may easily penetrate a wet layer of clothing. Jackets and trousers with insulation and zipped pockets for storing

small items like keys are ideal. 

Boots: The boots you wear when snowboarding are crucial since they are the only thing that can physically connect your feet to the board. Since this is the case, it's important to shop around for a pair that fits well and has adequate arch support. Boots should be well-fitting without being overly tight, and they should have sufficient tread for added traction in slippery situations.

Goggles are essential for snowboarders because they shield the eyes from the sun and prevent windburn. 

Helmets: Wearing protective headgear is a must for each skier or snowboarder. 

Invest in a good pair of gloves or mittens (as well as wrist guards) to keep your kid's hands toasty and dry. You should try them on while wearing your snowboarding jacket and boots to get the greatest idea of how well they fit.

Bindings are what keep your boots from slipping off the board, so you want to make sure you choose a pair that fits tightly but also allows for some wiggle room. Check for strengthened toe straps and adjustable straps made of high-density foam for comfort.

How to Additionally Protect a Young Snowboarder?

A fantastic winter activity, snowboarding, may be enjoyed by people of all ages for several hours. However, parents should take the appropriate precautions to keep their children safe while they are enjoying the slopes. Listed below are some precautions you may take to ensure your children's safety when they're out on the snow.

snowboarder boy

Prior to hitting the slopes, it's crucial to check that your children have all the necessary gear. Protect your child's head, eyes, and hands from any snow-related mishaps by outfitting them with a helmet, gloves, and goggles. Invest in a high-quality pair of snow pants or waterproof trousers designed for snowboarding. 

After making sure your child has the right gear, you should check that they can also stop themselves in an emergency. In the event that your child needs to stop suddenly, it is important that they know how to correctly use their equipment. 

In order to stop safely, they may need to learn how to turn their board in the proper direction. They should also be aware of the need of maintaining composure on the snowboard and avoiding danger at all costs.

It's also crucial that your kid enjoys themselves on the slopes. Before venturing out on more difficult terrain, have him or her practice basic movements in order to become used to the gear and gain confidence in their abilities. In addition, remind them to rest if they feel fatigued or unable to continue. 

Last but not least, maintain a close watch on your kid while they snowboard and be there if they need you. In the event of an emergency, make sure they know how to get help and that there is always another responsible adult nearby. Every time you take your kid snowboarding, have a conversation with them about safety so they know how to remain inside their limitations and avoid accidents.

Keeping your youngster safe while they have fun on the slopes is easier if you follow these guidelines. If you take the essential precautions to ensure your children's safety when snowboarding, you can relax knowing that each trip to the slopes will be fun and carefree for them.

Take Good Care of Your Kid's Snowboard

If you want your kid's snowboard to survive as long as possible, proper maintenance is essential. To make sure your kid's snowboard lasts as long as possible, follow these guidelines.

  • Always wipe down the board. It is recommended to wipe the board off with a soft cloth and a mild soap and water solution before and after each usage. Don't forget to dry it naturally by hanging it up in a dark, cool spot out of the sun.
  • The skateboard needs frequent waxing. Once every two weeks, use a high-quality snowboard wax and a soft cloth to wipe the wax into the base in circular motions until the wax is evenly dispersed.
  • Inspect the snowboard frequently for signs of damage or wear and tear. Splits or cracks in the board, torn bindings, and any damage that compromises the board's structural integrity will all count. It's preferable to address problems as soon as possible rather than let them fester.
  • When not in use, keep the snowboard out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry area. Over time, direct sunlight might fade the board's color and perhaps compromise the strength of the materials it's created from.
  • Have a professional check the board once per year or two to ensure it is in good working order. They'll make sure everything is working properly, and if it isn't, they'll replace whatever's broken and tune up the board to make it run better.

Take advantage of this fantastic sale and spoil your kids this winter with a brand new snowboard from Cheap Snow Gear.


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