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Going on a family ski trip? Then make sure your child has everything he/she needs in order to have a great time out on the ice-covered slopes. The best way to do that is to shop in our collection of premium-quality kids ski gear. Also this kids ski jackets sale category is packed with just about everything you need to keep your child warm, protected, and stylish despite being in cold weather. The kids ski clothes we offer have a lot of remarkable designs and useful features, they’re also made from some premium-quality materials to give you an assurance that they will last a long time. From our jackets and pants up to our tops and thermal underwear, we guarantee you that these are some of the best snow clothes for kids you will find anywhere today.

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A perfect waterproof ski and snowboard suit that will compliment your lavish style. This jacket and pants combination will help keep the warmth trapped inside and will provide you a stable layer of heat against harsh weather conditions. Enjoy skiing with this stylish waterproof snow suit for children. Equipped with...
$11.95 $19.95
Take out all your travel gears and get ready for a fun-filled adventure in the snow. The PIERRE ROBERT Kids Merino Wool Thermals have just the right amount of heat and balanced temperature for an active and sporty day.  You are certain that your toddlers and kids will have the...
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By combining two iconic toys and images, this is a can’t lose purchase. Every kid goes through a martial arts phase. And who doesn’t like LEGOs?  The LEGO Ninjago Hoodies For Kids delivers on that promise. And your kid is going to love it. When kids find a toy or...
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Kids are obsessed with superheroes. Your basement or playroom is probably littered with action figures. There is always room in the closet for one more superhero accessory. The SPIDERMAN Hoodie For Kids is must-have for a true fan. You know that this is going to be an instant hit. Try...
$30.95 $60.95
Your kid may be too young to get into the latest movie, but they’ll look like rock stars on the slopes. The BE NICE Anti Fog Ski Snowboard Goggles - Kid's lenses will have your kid looking like a shredder. No matter their age or skill level, kids deserve the...
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These are some serious socks for the active kid who is going to put them through the rigors. And let them, they can take it. Their new OURS BLANC Kids Thermal Socks will have your kids ready for whatever lays ahead. Designed to fit normal footwear without sacrificing warmth. Reinforced...
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Superhero Big Green
Superhero Spider
Superhero Icon
Superhero Bat
Bat Boy
Superhero Thunder
Superhero Iron
Ideal for your elementary school-aged children. The bright colors and popular cartoon characters will make them the envy of their classmates. The hoodie is attractive, well-made, and perfect for cooler temperatures. Not too thin and not too thick. Provides light insulation without being heavy and bulky. The BIBIHOU Kids Costume...
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If your child is like most kids, then you have one who loves "horses". As soon as they see their new MY LITTLE PONY Hoodie For Kids you’ll know it is going to be a winner. You’ll want to get the other color design, as well. This is definitely one...
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Blue shark
Brown bear
Green dinosaur
Red fox
The new CORSA KIDS Ski Snowboard Helmet will make you or your kid the coolest skier out on the snow-covered slopes.  This exceptional helmet offers a classic yet stylish design and an impressive quality that will definitely make you want to have it in an instant. The good news is,...
$20.95 $33.95
Dark blue
If you think you’re the only one who needs the right protection during winter, think again. Your child needs more than you do. Their bodies are so fragile and staying out in the snow without the right protection can greatly affect their overall health and wellness. This is where the...