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When the temperature turns cold, you naturally insist that your kids bundle up. They put on their favorite winter hat, gloves, and boots. But even though they look like a marshmallow, their toes are still freezing. That’s when you know it’s time to invest in a nice pair of childrens thermal socks.

Children and young adults need extra protection when it gets cold. They are often preoccupied with the snowman they’re building or setting their sights on the target in a snowball fight to realize that their feet are cold or wet.  Younger children can’t or won’t tell you when their feetsies are cold. As a parent, you know better.

Kids warm socks have evolved quite a bit since you were a rugrat. Extra cushioned soles, reinforced toes and heels make them warmer, more comfortable, and longer lasting. At CSG, we offer a selection of kids winter socks and toddler winter socks for complete protection whether they’re snowboarding their way to glory, shoveling the driveway or taking a chilly outdoor ride in the stroller.

Smartwool kids socks don’t itch and keep feet warm and dry with their moisture wicking materials. With breathable socks, you can say goodbye to stinky feet. By staying dry, high-quality materials also prevent slippage in the shoes or boots which virtually eliminate rashing, calluses, and blisters.

High-quality ski socks kids don’t need to be super thick to keep feet warm. The innovative fabric blends keep feet toasty and dry without being too tight or bulky. Thick socks may look warmer in the package but when they get stuffed into a pair of normal shoes, they can constrict circulation, which can actually make feet colder.

The right socks can be worn in a pair of ski boots, ice skates, hikers or athletic shoes. So go ahead and book your next family winter vacation. You and your kids will be ready for whatever cold weather adventure you have planned.

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$19.95 $32.95
Nothing says fun like a pair of wacky colored socks. If you have a child that likes to stand out from the crowd, their new SOARED Warm Kids Socks are going to be perfect. Besides keeping your child warm, they add a bit of compression for good circulation in the...
$26.95 $44.95
color A
color B
color C
color D
Whether the holidays are ahead or have come and gone, your child will always look festive in their CYCLEHIKER Kids Boot Socks. Not just a fashionable accessory. The knee-high socks provide even heat distribution to keep lower legs warm and toasty. The wool and cotton blend provides a snug fit...
$21.95 $35.95
6 Blue
2 Blue
6 Pink
2 Pink
If you’re looking for a warm and stylish pair of socks that your kids will wear, you’ve found them. Their new SOARED Ski Socks Kids will be the best piece of clothing you buy them this year. The performance socks are thick to battle winter. The reinforced toe and heel...
$8.95 $13.95
You can see that these socks will keep your children warm even before they try them on for the first time. Their new OURS BLANC Childrens Thermal Socks are extra thick for added cushiness and warmth. Fit nicely in a pair of the favorite boots or hikers. Perfect for lounging...
Out of stock
navy blue
rose red
Your little lady is going to love her new socks. Her new R-BAO Girls Ski Socks will keep her feet and calves comfy and balmy. Have her wear them with her winter snow boots for warmth or her hikers for relaxed fit all day. The socks are cushy and reinforced...
$38.95 $95.95
color 1
color 2
color 4
color 5
color 6
Complete your boys winter set-up with a great pair of Gsou Snow Boys Ski Socks. Whether your kids are dealing with the polar vortex or Spring Skiing at their favorite resort, these socks will be a life saver. They battle cold, provide needed support, and leave feet feeling comfortable. The wicking...
$35.95 $89.95
Your kids are going to be ready for anything winter throws their way in their new GSOU SNOW Kids Ski Socks.You can be as well prepared as your kids after a quick check of the ski gear website.  These socks add cushion but are not so thick that they won’t...
$9.95 $15.95
These are some serious socks for the active kid who is going to put them through the rigors. And let them, they can take it. Their new OURS BLANC Kids Thermal Socks will have your kids ready for whatever lays ahead. Designed to fit normal footwear without sacrificing warmth. Reinforced...


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