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$27.95 $68.95
You take your snowboard runs seriously and don’t want anyone else messing with your gear. Your new IGOSKI Snowboard Wax Brush is what you want to find in your maintenance and repair kit. Get your bases ready for a long day on the slopes or the halfpipe. You need a...
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$61.95 $123.95
The perfect all-around maintenance kit. If you’re tired of paying someone else to maintain your gear, or you’re a bit of a “wrencher”, the XCMAN Ski Tuning Kit is what you were looking for. Your new tool kit has everything you’ll need to keep your gear on its A-game. Whether...
$54.95 $108.95
Learn to maintain your own gear and save a ton of cash. The XCMAN Snowboard Tuning Kit is simple to use. Once you get past the learning curve and get into your own groove, you’ll be doing tune-ups and waxing for your friends.  A must-have kit and set-up. Your new...
$24.95 $40.95
If you tune your own skis or snowboard, then you know how important a good scraper is to have around. Your new  XCMAN Snowboard / Ski Wax Scraper is the perfect tool to maintain your gear. Makes an awesome finishing scraper. Use it as your primary tool or to clean...
$93.95 $186.95
At some point, everyone gets tired of paying some pro-shop to maintain their gear. If you’re an active skier or snowboarder, then you know how quickly the costs can rise over a ski season.  So finally, you’ve decided to start tuning and sharpening own snowboard or skis. The XCMAN Tuning...
$29.95 $73.95
Keep your wax ready to go. For when you’re looking for a fast smooth ride. The IGOSKI Ski Waxing Kit has what you were looking for.  You’ll notice the difference right away after applying your first coat. You’ll feel it most on the moderate slopes or while passing people on...
$53.95 $107.95
A solid product you’ll grow to love and trust for years to come. Your new VOLA Snow Board Wax - 500g will treat you and your board right. The application with will keep you going strong through all sorts of snow conditions. You’ll have enough wax to keep you going...
$53.95 $107.95
500G 1
500G 2
If you’ve got the need for speed, you’ll see the difference in your VOLA Alpine Ski Wax. Will definitely change the performance of your skis or snowboard. You’ll feel like you’ve got a new set-up after switching to the VOLA wax. Without having to apply as often as other brands,...
$56.95 $113.95
Ready to start saving some cold hard cash? Your new XCPLUS Snowboard Wax Iron will help you do just that. If you’re really into your gear, you’ll enjoy doing your own maintenance. The ergonomic design and large temperature dial make this iron easy to use. Your new iron takes the...
$56.95 $113.95
100g Each Color
200g Each Color
The trifecta of ski and snowboard essentials. You’ll be ready for all weather conditions. The XCMAN Snowboard Wax Kit comes with temperature specific wax blocks. You’ll be prepared for the cold, the warm, and anything in between. Choose the right wax for your day. Being set up right means you...
$45.95 $90.95
Be ready to see the difference from your other waxes. The XCMAN Hot Wax For Ski / Snowboard will not leave you disappointed. The XCMAN will quickly become your new favorite wax when you see how you blow by others. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, you know how...


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