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You’ve already planned your trip. Your edges are honed and bases are waxed. You’re headed to mountains, to your local ski resort, or on that once in a lifetime helicopter ski trip you’ve been dreaming about. You’ve bought all the gear and essentials you’re planning on taking with you. Now how are going to travel with and carry all of that stuff? That is when you’ll be glad you invested in convenient travel skibags.

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$14.95 $19.95
Light Green
Sky Blue
Don’t get left out in the rain without your BLUEFIELD 10L, 20L Outdoor Waterproof Dry Bag. Your active lifestyle requires that you own a versatile dry sack. Not only is it perfect for keeping your stuff dry, but it also serves as a protective backpack. Mud, dirt, and dust easily...
$32.95 $64.95
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add 2L water bag
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add 2L water bag 3
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On those days when you want to pack lightly but still want to stay hydrated. Your new NANFENG Water Backpack with a generous 2L hydration TPU Bladder (also comes with a 1.5L water bladder option) is for those short jaunts into the great outdoors. The high-density material is cut resistant and repels water....
$165.95 $283.95
Ever get tired on a snowboarding trip, picking up and carrying your huge gear bag? Trust us! Don't ever go on a long trip without a snowboard bag with wheels - we have done it, and it sucks! Have the power to organize your equipment with the SNOW POWER Snowboard Bag...
$33.95 $67.95
Army Green
Navy blue
Stay fashionable this period lugging this 40L Waterproof Rucksack. It is designed with craft and perfection that makes sure to enthrall you and also jealous observers!Usage water repellent textile, adaptable as well as strong. This product has multiple storage facilities, primary compartment, front compartment and many extra pockets for all...
$36.95 $73.95
Balck red
Army green
Rose red
A simple pack with serious storage. The HU WAI JIAN FENG 20L Foldable Lightweight Backpack is a low profile and light backpack. With 20 L of storage, you’ll have plenty of room for your laptop, tablet, accessories, and textbooks. Store your water bottles in the side pouches. The HU WAI JIAN...
$20.95 $27.95
40L Blue
40L Neon Green
40L Orange
40L Pea Green
40L Purple
70L Blue
70L Neon Green
70L Orange
70L Pea Green
70L Purple
If you’re an outdoorsy kind of a person, keeping your gear safe and dry is a must. The BLUEFIELD 20L, 40L, 70L Waterproof Dry Bag will be worth its weight in gold when your best friend rocks the canoe until it tips. The heavy-duty straps and buckle closure unite for...
$30.95 $60.95
Red big
Green small
Green big
Blue big
Blue small
Red small
A heavy-duty lightweight backpack with lots of pockets and compartments and is built to fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop. The FLAME HORSE Waterproof Nylon Backpack has the room you need in a compact package.  The bag looks sharp and durable. The ample padding keeps your delicate electronics safe. Stop...
$85.95 $171.95
Black pink
Black red
Gray grid 160
Gray grid 165
Rock the slopes this winter in both comfort and style with the Daiseanuo 160cm Ski Snowboard Bag. Comes with adjustable shoulder straps, making it very convenient to carry. (we also have a 150cm waterproof ski snowboard bag). Reinforced stitching at high-stress points ensures this bag will last you many seasons to come. The...
$85.95 $171.95
Black pink
Gray grid 160
Gray grid 165
Tired of carrying your snowboard around uncomfortably? Then this stylish and high quality waterproof snowboard bag is just perfect for you! Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to match your style and never have to worry about your snowboard being in the way. With this bag you are...
Out of stock
Black Color
Blue Color
Green Color
Orange Color
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Red Color
Rain cover
Pack everything you’ll need for your upcoming endeavor. The Backpack Rucksack 25L has the space to handle all of your essentials. Helmet, tent, food supply, or meals. Bring some cooking supplies while you’re at it, too.  The hi-tech materials repel water while whisking away perspiration to keep you feeling great....
$89.95 $179.95
Brand Name: JayCreerType of sports: Skiing / Snowboarding
$5.95 $11.95
Green Color
Black Color
I don’t know about you, but I like my stuff safe and dry while travelling! Perfect for people who love travelling and adventure, this LOCAL LION 30-40L Waterproof Backpack Cover will keep your backpacks dry and protected. Comes in 12 versatile designs and colors, this backpack cover is perfect for everyday...
$221.95 $380.95
Pack your ski / snowboarding trip essentials for your winter adventure with this big nylon, waterproof and wheeled snowboard and ski bag with wheels.  Designed for the cool and hip, it is an easy to carry equipment bag that comes with wheels for your convenience. Gone are the days of dragging...
$145.95 $249.95
Army Green
Make your adventures count by having the right snowboard and gear bag.  Bags on wheels will always be a hit for savvy and wise travelers.  With its various functions, all your equipment will fit in the Camo Snowboard Bag (various sizes) in no time! Equipped with soft cushions and protective...
$247.95 $423.95
Get ready for adventure and get the OLAFU Ski Snowboard Bag with Wheels. Available in camouflage designs and bright plain colors, you are sure to find the right bag to fit your personality. We do not stop with fashion statements, this snowboard bag with wheels has great functionality for wheeling-in...
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$38.95 $77.95
Dark Grey
A true game changer. The SECURETECH™ ANTI-THEFT BACKPACK 15.6 inch laptop is more than just a backpack. It provides storage and security, as well. A perfect commuter backpack. Fits everything you’ll need for your school, campus, or work. Pack your laptop, electronics, and random stuff and keep it under lock...
luggage for winter

As an avid snowboarder or 2-planker, you own a ton of gear. You don’t realize how much equipment and gear you use until you have to lug it around. Boots, skis, snowboard, goggles, poles, tuning kit etc. That doesn’t even include your personal belongings, plus hydration packs and snacks.  All this stuff, all of it vital. A high-quality snowboard case will hold all of your gear and get it to your destination safely. A piece like this can be just the proper solution for you.

Why Not Choose Roller Style Ski Luggage Bags With Wheels For Travel? ...

If you’re driving to your next adventure, you can tie your ski travel bag to the roof rack or toss it into the back of the truck. But hauling your gear across the country through an airport can be a pain. Obviously, your gear is too big to carry on. But it’s hard to entrust your babies to the guys tossing luggage into the cargo bay. With how frustrating that can be at times, you’ve probably wondered if it’s all worth it. That’s when you’ll be glad you’ve got all of your stuff neatly packed in a waterproof snowboard bag.

Cheap Ski Bags On Sale (Even Fit Your Boots In)

At the CSG snow ski bag sale, you can find that daypack or the perfect size ski and boot bag combo you’ve been eyeing all season. If you’re serious about winter and love your gear, only the right bag will do. Search through a huge selection to find the bag with all the features you expect. Check this page as well for other cool stuff you might need in your winter vacation.

Various types of luggage ideal for all your trips in the snow. We have backpacks, ski / snowboard bags, hydration bladders and waterproof dry bags... FREE Shipping Worldwide


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