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Taking a trip to a new, unfamiliar, or popular ski and snowboard location? Then you should take the time to look for the right ski bags for air travel.

If you are looking for a sign, then this is the sign! Check out the ski bag sale and choose the right one for you!
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$165.95 $283.95
Ever get tired on a snowboarding trip, picking up and carrying your huge gear bag? Trust us! Don't ever go on a long trip without a snowboard bag with wheels - we have done it, and it sucks! Have the power to organize your equipment with the SNOW POWER Snowboard Bag...
$85.95 $171.95
Black pink
Black red
Gray grid 160
Gray grid 165
Rock the slopes this winter in both comfort and style with the Daiseanuo 160cm Ski Snowboard Bag. Comes with adjustable shoulder straps, making it very convenient to carry. (we also have a 150cm waterproof ski snowboard bag). Reinforced stitching at high-stress points ensures this bag will last you many seasons to come. The...
$85.95 $171.95
Black pink
Gray grid 160
Gray grid 165
Tired of carrying your snowboard around uncomfortably? Then this stylish and high quality waterproof snowboard bag is just perfect for you! Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to match your style and never have to worry about your snowboard being in the way. With this bag you are...
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Brand Name: JayCreerType of sports: Skiing / Snowboarding
$145.95 $249.95
Army Green
Make your adventures count by having the right snowboard and gear bag.  Bags on wheels will always be a hit for savvy and wise travelers.  With its various functions, all your equipment will fit in the Camo Snowboard Bag (various sizes) in no time! Equipped with soft cushions and protective...
$247.95 $423.95
Get ready for adventure and get the OLAFU Ski Snowboard Bag with Wheels. Available in camouflage designs and bright plain colors, you are sure to find the right bag to fit your personality. We do not stop with fashion statements, this snowboard bag with wheels has great functionality for wheeling-in...
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$221.95 $380.95
Pack your ski / snowboarding trip essentials for your winter adventure with this big nylon, waterproof and wheeled snowboard and ski bag with wheels.  Designed for the cool and hip, it is an easy to carry equipment bag that comes with wheels for your convenience. Gone are the days of dragging...
Out of stock
Army Green
Dark Grey
Light Yellow
Dark Khaki
Light Grey
Light Green
Pack up the Round Trip Single Snowboard Bag with your favorite board and hit the road in search of the next winter storm. A jacket, gloves, or base layer will fit in the internal pocket, while padded cinch-top sleeves protect your edges from bumps and dings when you're on the...
$42.95 $85.95
Skis bag
Snowboard bag
Make your snowboarding holidays better than before, with a brand new snowboard protective bag. Carry a snowboard bag that is as stylish and tough as you. There are Two styles available, Single Shoulder Strap or Double Shoulder Straps. Adjustable shoulder straps with soft padding ensure you stay comfortable. High quality...
$156.95 $268.95
The “Waterproof Snowboard Bag” is one of our top sellers for a simple and affordable option to carry your ski or snowboard gear. The large main compartment has room for your snowboard as well as giving you plenty of room for extra layers and whatever else you need to bring...
man with ski luggage
The right snowboard or ski luggage is a necessity for skiers and snowboarders who aim to bring their skis and boards to their favorite snow-covered locations without any hassle. But which is which? For you to know which one is right for you, you need to know your options.

Ski Luggage Padded For Air Travel On Sale

Some flights can be problematic without the correct ski, snowboard, and equipment bags. So make sure to check your airline’s regulations. However, since some airlines handle your luggage quite harshly, it’s better for you to be sure that your equipment arrive safe; it would be wise for you to invest in a padded double ski bag or padded single ski bag.

A padded ski bag offers double protection for your gear. And what’s better than a padded ski bag? It's a padded ski bag that has a boot compartment! Talk about efficient traveling! One good thing about travelling with a ski bag with boot compartment is that you will have less pieces of luggage. The fewer your bags, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Padded Ski Bags With Wheels?

And then there's another question. To wheel or not to wheel? Here’s a little ski luggage guide for wheeled and non-wheeled ski and snowboard bags:
  • Ski bag with wheels- These kind of Ski Bags are normally cushioned to safeguard your skis and features two wheels on one end making them simpler to take a trip with. They are generally bigger to bring 2 or 3 sets of skis and snowboards.
  • Ski bag without wheels- Non-Wheeled Ski Bags could are available in padded and non-padded variations. Version names are commonly labeled as 'single' or 'double' presenting the number of sets of skis the bag could hold.
In reality, there are various styles and kinds of ski bags that you can choose from. Whether you need the regular-sized ski bags or the ski bag junior (also known as kids’ ski bag), a wheeled bag, a ski bag without wheels, a padded ski bag, etc., check out our tried and tested ski bags featured below and choose which one suits you the best.


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