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You always want to look good in a fashionable pair of sunnies, but the right pair of sunglasses for ski should be designed to protect your eyes and enhance your vision. Though you may instinctively reach for goggles, for those sunny days with lots of glare, snow sunglasses are the better choice.

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$10.95 $20.95
Whatever you call them, around the world they’re colloquially known as John Lennon glasses. The YOOSKE Vintage Round Sunglasses were inspired by the counter-culture hippie movement. Lenses reduce glare and help to reduce eye fatigue when in bright environments. Wear them to enhance your vision and contrast or sport them...
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Look happy all the time. The vibrant design of your new AOFLY Retro Reflective Sunglasses provides a look into your soul. The bright colored frames and lenses add a little something to round out your outfit. The frames are large enough to provide complete eye protection without being oversized. A nice...
$10.95 $17.95
Make a vivid fashion statement without being overwhelming or overly flashy. The YOOSKE Vintage Sunglasses are subtle with a touch of flare. The slightly larger lenses block sunlight and bright lights to provide stylish eye protection. The classic style fits most face shapes and sizes. Don’t wait to put them...
$10.95 $21.95
Color 2
Color 4
Eye protection for an adventurer. Your new MIXSIGHT Windproof Outdoor Sunglasses are durable and rugged to keep up with your active lifestyle. The silicone-based frames fit snuggly and offer flex to remain comfortable. The contoured nose-piece sits high on the bridge of your nose for proper protection from wind, dust,...
$26.95 $43.95
Detect and offer protection from harmful UV rays. Your new DRAGON Pro Polarized Sunglasses offer a full range of eye protection. The lenses adapt to different light levels. The transition is slow enough to avoid any drastic changes in vision quality and to allow you to focus on what’s in...
$14.95 $23.95
Modeled after the timeless wayfarer design like this cool piece of eyewear. Arms are crafted from eco-friendly bamboo and provide an attractive contrast to the frames. Your new LONG KEEPER Bamboo Arm Sunglasses protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays with a UV400 rating. Lenses reduce glare to keep you...
$10.95 $18.95
An enduring design that has stood the test of time. Is there a more recognizable style of shades? Your new TRENDYMATE Fashion Sunglasses are just what you would expect in an always fashionable pair of glints. Provide just what you want and need in a pair of glasses. By blocking...
$27.95 $45.95
Raising the bar on athletic eyewear. The BANNED 1976 Polarized Sports Sunglasses are ideal for the outdoor enthusiast. High-grade materials are fashionable and rugged. They won’t get in the way or irritate the skin even when sweating. Includes hard case for complete protection when not in use and a micro-fiber...
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Prepare yourself for a new wave of innovation. With the technologically advanced VICTGOAL Polarized Bluetooth Sunglasses, you’ll never be without your jams again. Working out and training can get monotonous. Bringing your music with you makes those times a little easier. Wearing earbuds can produce a safety issue. With the...
$14.95 $24.95
A nod to one of the most popular styles of the 80s. Your new STORY Designer Square Sunglasses are fun, functional, and have plenty of personality. Sturdy glasses with protective mirrored lenses. Don’t worry about dropping them or bailing out of jump mid-air.  Block damaging sun rays. The arms offer...
$3.95 $7.95
1pcs Glasses cloth
Get out and stay active. Your new DONSUNG UV400 Sunglasses motivate you to enjoy the outdoors. The athletic design makes them perfect for your next triathlon. The snug fit and non-fogging lenses allow to you stay focused without readjusting them or cleaning smudges. Lightweight design makes them comfortable to wear...
$21.95 $53.95
1 lens black
1 lens blue white
1 lens green
1 lens white orange
1 lens pink
1 lens white red
1 lens all white
3 lens black
3 lens blue white
3 lens green
3 lens white orange
3 lens pink
3 lens white red
3 lens all white
5 lens black
5 lens blue white
5 lens green
5 lens white orange
5 lens pink
5 lens white red
5 lens all white
If goggles and sunglasses had a baby. The heavy-duty POC Outdoor Sunglasses are for serious outdoor activities. Take this nice pair of eyewear skiing or snowboarding. The mirrored lenses block damaging ultraviolet light. The cushion rests comfortably on the forehead for extra seal and comfort. It provides an extra barrier...
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Proper eye protection even at high speeds. Your new OUTERDO Unisex Sporty Athletic Sunglasses encase your eye to provide a protective barrier against strong wind, blowing snow, dirt, and dust like these Windproof Sunglasses. With 100% UV protection and a UV400 rating, your eyes will stay completely protected. Lightweight and rugged...
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Cut through the wind like butter. The COOLCHANGE  Outdoor Polarized Sunglasses are super lightweight and streamlined. The rimless design provides you with an unbroken line of vision. The hi-tech lenses block harmful UVA and UVB sun rays with a rating of UV400, providing you with 100% protection from damaging ultraviolet...
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Value and quality sold as one package. Your new ROCKBROS Sunglasses With Polarized Lenses are super functional and stylish. Perfect for a dynamic lifestyle. Wear them cycling, skiing, snowboarding or jogging. Lightweight frames hold snuggly to keep up with whatever you’re doing. The polarized lenses reduce glare that leads to...
$24.95 $60.95
Everyone hates squinting and bobbing their heads while driving to get a clean line of sight. The  Polarized Driving Sunglasses make driving easier, especially in the early morning and at sunset. The mirrored lenses deflect direct bright light. The polarization treatment reduces glare and keeps you from squinting. Keep them...

wearing sunglasses on bluebird ski day

Snow is a highly reflective surface. Ultraviolet light can do permanent damage to your eyes. Even though it may be very cold, did you know that those UV rays are stronger and do more harm at higher elevations? Remember, not all winter sunglasses are created equally.

Out on the slopes, you don’t want to throw on just any old pair of speckies. The best sunglasses for skiing act as a protective barrier and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Having the proper lenses for different conditions will increase your overall performance.

But there is more to this story. Here are a few other characteristics to consider:

  • Mirrored lenses are the most recognizable sunglasses for snow. They will deflect sunlight causing less eye strain and reduce the need for squinting.
  • Depending on the level of lighting, you may want to opt for polarized ski glasses. Polarization helps to reduce glare and increases contrast for crisper vision to help keep you safe at any speed.
  • Winter glasses with yellow lenses may be a good substitute for goggles when the clouds roll in and visibility is low, due to low light or blowing snow.

At Cheap Snow Gear, our selection of sunglasses run the gamut from fun and fashionable to the most specialized snowboarding sunglasses. Don’t make the mistake of wearing just any old pair of el cheapos. Your eyesight and safety depend on it.

When barreling down the slopes, don’t take vision for granted. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses may make the difference between a flawless run and one where you end up on your bum.

Check out our awesome range of sunglasses for ski - perfect for those blue bird sunny days on the ski slopes or an early apre ski beer :) FREE Shipping Worldwide


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