11 Best Ski Goggles / Snowboard Goggles | Review Updated 2022/2023

Are you thinking of getting a new pair of ski goggles, but don't know where to start from or what to look for? Don't sweat it, we are here to help you choose the best ski & snow goggles for your snowmobile rides, ski days, and winter hikes.

Our team at CheapSnowGear have reviewed numerous goggle options and tested various criteria such as style, size, field of vision, comfort, protection & price. We spent hours skiing and snowboarding in some rough weather conditions, and we have the top 11 best snowboard goggles choices that will meet your needs.

Eyewear we have tested come from many brands, such as Oakley, Anon, Smith, Julbo, Giro etc. Keep scrolling down to learn all about them and find your pick.

Editor`s Choice
Anon Men's M4 Toric Goggle
Anon Men's M4 Toric Goggle
  • Perceive Cloudy Burst spare lens
  • Available in Large and Medium size
  • MFI technology
Runner Up
SMITH 4D MAG Snow Goggle
SMITH 4D MAG Snow Goggle
  • BirdsEye Vision
  • Dual locking mechanisms
  • Medium fit
Best Buy
Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles
Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles
  • High Definition Optics (HDO)
  • F3 Anti-fog coating
  • ANSI Z87.1 and EN 166 standards.

Top 11 2022-2023 Snowboard & Ski Goggles:

Most Comfortable
1. Anon Men's M4 Toric Goggle

Integral Clarity Technology (ICT) Anon's ICT anti-fog treatment delivers crystal clear vision, no matter what the elements throw at you.

Starting with a porous cellulose inner lens surface for superior water shedding above and beyond standard acetate lenses, Anon applies its chemically etched ICT anti-fog treatment for long-lasting clarity.

ICT works in tandem with Full Perimeter Channel Venting to tell moisture to go fog itself.

9.7out of 10


These goggles impressed our testers in every aspect, coming with high marks in all of our ratings metrics. Anon's Magnetic Lens Technology is incredibly convenient. You can even swap lenses while the goggles are on! The glasses come with an integrated visor system, too, which allows for a seamless fit. They are among the most expensive goggles we've ever used, but they are among the most comfortable, user-friendly and high performing ones we've ever encountered.


  • comfortable against skin
  • triple layer foam
  • full perimeter channel venting
  • excellent and distortion - free lenses
  • MFI (magnetic face mask integration)
  • large frame is not suitable for everyone
  • they can fog a bit in very cold weather

Anon`s PERCEIVE lenses are engineered to flex with the curvature of your face and MFI technology is a magnetic connection that quickly attaches the face mask to the goggles' structure. Its scratch, smudge and water-resistant coating ensures that the lenses stay clear for longer, and the built-in anti-fog treatment means that they stay that way through a range of weather conditions. Using powerful magnets, new MAGNA-TECH quick lens change technology makes lens changes a lot easier.

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Best Lens
2. SMITH 4D MAG Snow Goggle

The 4D MAG raises the bar for lens innovation with the introduction of BirdsEye Vision. This state of the art lens technology has a 25% increase of overall field of view compared to the I/O MAG.

In addition we have evolved Smith MAG by integrating the dual locking mechanisms into the goggle frame outriggers to make a quick and easy lens change system.

We know that with BirdsEye Vision featuring ChromaPop lens technology, you’ll be able to see even more detail as you take on untracked territory.

9.5out of 10


Smith 4d MAG goggles have a high level of compatibility with almost any helmet and they offer a really wide field of view with awesome clarity and a variety of color options. One of the most interesting, and arguably most important new features is the BirdsEye Vision (enhanced visibility both straight down and in the corners by an amazing 25%)! These goggles are sure to improve your experience on the slopes as they are a great choice for most skiers and snowboarders.

  • increased vertical FOV (field of view)
  • easy to change lenses
  • a softer fit
  • ChromaPop lens technology
  • reliable anti-fog system
    • a bit pricey
    • scratch resistance of the lenses has not changed much


    The 4D MAG makes changing lenses super quick and easy, because these goggles have one of the most user friendly fast-change systems. The lenses are very easy to take out, simply press the two levers at the frame base and pull the lenses away. Installing the lenses is simply doing it the opposite way. The magnetic attraction of the lenses will offer a secure fit. The whole thing only takes about 10 seconds, so you would not have to worry about the speed.

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    Supreme Vision
    3. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

    Inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots, Oakley Flight Deck maximizes your field of view so you won't miss a single target of opportunity. 

    Prizm lenses provide unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility.

    Prizm engineered lenses help you see contrast on the mountain in a variety of light and snow conditions, plus, ski goggles with Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO) offer truer, more accurate vision versus conventional lenses.

    9.1out of 10



    The lens shields a significant portion of the face, so the skier should feel super protected from the weather conditions, such as the wind, snow, rain and sun. The Flight Deck`s large size may not be convenient for those with smaller face frames, so in order to avoid gaps they should opt for a different Oakley goggle. These high quality and extremely comfortable goggles are the right option for long days on the mountain. The highly advanced technology in these goggles is what gives skiers and snowboarders everything they need during a great day on the slopes.

    • flexible o matter frame + triple layer foam
    • ridgelock technology + high impact
    • prizm + HDO technology prizm
    • prescription eyewear compatible
      • prone to fogging


    Wearing these goggles was notably comfortable for most of our test crew. The soft, brushed foam which this model uses wicked moisture well and a wide adjustable strap ensured a snug fit. Oakley Flight Deck Goggles offer a more comfortable feel, even when wearing a full face helmet. With cool shape and design you can certainly say that these goggles are a trendy option for riders looking for a stylish, comfortable, and durable goggle.

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    OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

    These OTG Ski goggles fit over glasses are also suitable for both kids and adults.

    Their dual-layer lens technology with anti-fog coated inner lens will secure crystal clear visibility.

    OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles OTG come with the soft TPU frame with lenses that provide 100% UV400 protection and years of reliable use.

    Extra long elastic strap ensures great helmet compatibility with all helmets.


    9out of 10


    When you combine low price with good quality and features the outcome is pure satisfaction and these goggles are sure to make you feel happy about your purchase. The OutdoorMaster OTGs are great goggles if you are trying to find an inexpensive OTG that can be comfortable to wear skiing or snowboarding with your glasses on. These are like a basic set, with good lenses and some decent anti - fog systems.

    • super affordable
    • OTG(over-the-glasses) design
    • anti-fog lens & excellent optical clarity 
    • safe & reliable with UV protection
    • universal helmet compatibility
    • fragile inner lens

    You can choose between lenses that come with mirrored finish and non-mirrored finish. OutdoorMaster OTG Goggles have 100% UV400 protection. The VLT`s wide range goes from 8% to 84%. Even though there is no option for 90% VLT, the 84% VLT will do the job for skiing at night. When it comes to anti-fog systems, there are dual lens construction, coating on the inner lens and lots of ventilation included.

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    Quick Lens Switch
    Dragon RVX MAG OTG

    Patented Frameless Technology with an OTG design works with your prescription glasses without sacrificing comfort and the triple layer face foam has a hypoallergenic lining.

    Swiftlock Magnetic Lens Change System uses a one side level to release your lenses so you can easily swap between your lenses every day.

    Dragon RVX MAG OTG Goggles are built for customization, comfort and performance.

    These goggles use LumaLens offering optimized color scratch resistant durability and hydrophobic properties that help repel water for visibility even in the toughest conditions 

    8.9out of 10


    What we liked the most about these goggles is the amazing lens tech. The features that Dragon RVX MAG OTG possesses will keep you safe and carefree when it comes to choosing proper eye gear. They are OTG and super easy and comfortable to wear. The `Lumalens` lens tech is one of the top in the business, which makes these goggles a good choice. Rest assured that this tech will help to minimize eye fatigue and enhance vivid colors and clarity.

    • super fast lens change
    • helmet compatible
    • hypoallergenic face foam
    • Luma lens 
    • positioned a little further from the face

    Lens that Dragon RVX MAG OTG uses are double layered. Between these two layers there is a gap, which makes something like a wall between the cold air from the outside and the warmth of the skin. This way, the main reason for fogging is eliminated. Frame uses some standard polyurethane which is becoming typical for Dragon goggles. They are lightweight, durable and super cold resistant and an excellent choice when it comes to ski eyewear.

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    Best Classic Style
    6. Oakley Men's Canopy Goggles

    Canopy Goggles offer a great fit and an extended view at the same time.The increased periphery lifts the confidence and also improves skiing and snowboarding skills.

    Discreet frame notches at temples provide compatibility with most prescription eyewear, without compromising fit.

    You can combine your Oakley Canopy Goggles with almost every helmet, regardless of the helmet`s type and size.

    Prizm lenses provide unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility.



    8.8out of 10



    If you like over-sized goggles, then these Oakley`s would be a perfect choice for you. They are padded, with three foam layers to ensure comfort and functional fit. The first layer is made of thin fleece so the frame fits gently to your skin, the next one is an open cell foam, and the third layer is made of thicker foam. Four vents that this model has will provide solid ventilation in order to keep your goggles fog - free.


    • flexible O-Matter frame
    • dual-vented lenses
    • F3 anti-fog coating
    • High Definition Optics (HDO)
    • low lens durability

    This model is recognized by its large size, but some members of our crew with more medium frames, managed to put them on and they were actually a good fit. However, they are not a good option for people with small faces. Even though on a bigger side, these goggles are smaller than Oakley`s Flight Deck, but then, they are bigger than the Airbrake model. They are pretty comfortable and offer Oakley`s foam which has become a standard in ski goggles.


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    Most Lightweight
    7. Julbo Sniper EVO M

    Sniper EVO Goggles offer a wide field of vision and are available with a variety of lenses that combine excellent reactivity to varying light conditions with outstanding optical quality.

    Ergonomic design maximizes ventilation whether you are skiing uphill or down and the lightweight frame is extremely comfortable. The shield can be fully and easily raised.

    The Sniper L is for average and larger faces, while Sniper M is sized for smaller faces.

    These goggles have large spherical lens for wide field of vision and a specific Nordic design.


    8.5out of 10


    If you are planning an adventure that will involve cross-country skiing, then these goggles might just be the perfect choice for you! Regardless of the weather conditions, you will be sure to enjoy the great view, as the spherical removable lenses are there to provide extended field of vision. When it comes to comfort, soft foam will follow your face structure and make these Julbo goggles very pleasant to wear.


    • optimal ventilation
    • flip-up lens
    • REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast
    • 12-75% VLT
    • Spectron 0 + Spectron 2 + Spectron 3 Lens Kit
    • specially designed for narrower faces

    Photochromic lenses that come with Sniper goggles are on the high end of the lens technology. They are designed and meant to be used all season long. There is also a photochromic life guarantee which implies durability and reliable quality. One of the main features is that Julbo Sniper EVO M instantly reacts to light changes and is adjusted to harsh conditions. They are ideal for demanding terrain, have an anti-fog coating and are really lightweight.


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    Most Stylish
    Giro Contour Snow Ski Goggles

    Giro Contour Snow Ski Goggles include 2 Vivid Zeiss lenses - one for the sunny and all the other weather conditions & one low-light lens.

    They offer a super-efficient and quick-change lens system that saves up time. Goggles are equipped with EXV plus a large field of view which delivers the largest field of view in its class so you can truly expand your vision on the mountain.

    Incorporated EVAK vent technology makes the whole skiing experience more comfortable. EVAK vents minimize the chance of fogging by releasing moisture while simultaneously creating a barrier from the elements. EVAK Vent Tech uses a new foam made from an ultra-durable, non-absorbent material.


    8.3out of 10


    Partnership with Zeiss Optics, the worldwide authority when it comes to quality optics, made VIVID lens capable of capturing and manipulating light that goes through the lens.The VIVID lenses were introduced in 2017 and the whole technology is based on the years of studying our most reflective surface, the snow. It turned out snow actually is not white, but actually blue. What is important here is that the contrasting blue lights are increased, which diminishes dangerous UV lights.


    • Expansion View Technology Plus (EXV+)
    • triple layer face foam
    • quick-change magnetic-assisted lens system
    • EVAK Vent Tech
    • 2 Vivid lenses
    •  anti-fog system needs an upgrade

    The EVAK system should enhance the skiing or snowboarding adventure no matter the weather conditions. The Giro`s Contour goggles are designed to offer comfort and crystal clear view. There is enough padding and ventilation that are meant to improve your experience on the slopes. Only issue can be traditional ventilation technology that uses foam which is prone to letting the moisture enter the goggle, and that can be a downside to otherwise incredible Giro`s goggles.


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    Top Tech
    9. Zeal Optics Portal

    Experience peripheral vision with the Zeal Portal rimless frame design and revolutionary Rail Lock System that allows you to quickly change lens. A spherical polycarbonate lens curves both vertically and horizontally to enhance peripheral vision, plus increased lens volume creates less distortion and helps reduce glare and fogging.

    These goggles offer all the features of Zeal's Optimum lens + polarization for heightened color, definition, and detail while reducing eye strain with a 18% Visual Light Transmission (VLT). Polarized lenses cut glare and reflected light while highlighting ice.

    Changing goggle lenses has never been easier with a rimless frame design for unsurpassed peripheral vision and a dual sliding rail system that guides, slides, and locks your lens in place anywhere on the mountain.


    8.1out of 10


    One of the amazing Zeal Optics Portal goggles` features is the incredible “slider lock” changing system. To be honest, it was a bit strange and unfamiliar at the beginning as we needed some time to get used to the technique of sliding and finding the right amount of force and pressure to be able to do it correctly on the first try. All it took was just a little practice and soon enough we all fell in love with the efficiency and speed of changing these lenses.


    • rail lock system (RLs)
    • anti-fog tech
    • 100% UV protection
    • helmet compatible
    • second pair of lenses for low light conditions
    • not ideal for smaller faces

    Our test crew was satisfied with the anti-fogging technology. These goggles use a double vent system which enables clear vision in different weather and lighting conditions. Zeal Optics Portals are quite comfortable to wear, although the frame is somewhat rigid and hard, which can be a deal breaker for some skiers. Also the nose cutout felt a bit stiff. On the other hand, the foam was soft and enjoyable and the strap was super convenient and adjustable.


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    Innovative Lens
    SPY Optic Marauder Snow Goggle

    SPY’s game-changing Happy Definition (HD+) lens is tuned to boost alertness while providing enhanced color and contrast and impact resistant, distortion free optics.

    UV protection shields your eyes against damaging high-altitude sunlight and triple-layer Isotron face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece provides comfort while drawing fog-causing sweat off your face.

    SIC (Superior Injected Curve) dual-lens maintains lens shape for optical clarity and anti-scratch coating provides enhanced impact protection.


    8out of 10


    The innovative lens technology that came in the form of Happy lens tech is really a game changer. It seems that wearing usual, regular goggles with UV protection is super beneficial to our health since they protect us from harmful lights. In reality, sun waves are not just the harmful ones, but there are also good, healthy waves that come from the sun, which we block when wearing goggles with UV protection. These “happy” lenses are patented in the way that they protect us, but at the same time allow healthy lights to boost our mood and increase our energy.


    • Happy Definition (HD+) lens
    • RISE ventilation system
    • deadbolt’s magnets
    • utilizes the Venturi effect
    • frame is too big for some helmets

    Marauders` Spy Snow goggles` use deadbolt`s magnets to put the lenses into their place. This lens change technology is based on using locking levers to bolt lenses down in order to make a secure fit. Spy`s locking system uses two latches with small magnets on each side of the frame. We really appreciated the design and functionality, you can easily take off the lens with one hand with your goggles still on.


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    Amazing OTG
    11. Julbo Aerospace OTG

    These large sized goggles come with the design that is the ultimate in snow sports goggle venting and provide lens technology with a wide field of vision.

    The conditions and light that these Julbo Aeorspace goggles are ideal for is sun to partly cloudy. What is amazing is that they automatically adjust from light to dark tint quickly, regardless of the air temperature.

    Julbos patented SuperFlow System allows the lens to push away from the frame, providing vital space for air to flow in & exhaust fog out. No need to remove your goggles at the end of a run, standing in a gondola or skinning up a hill.


    7.9out of 10


    The Julbo Aerospace OTG goggles come with a Minimalist Frame for extended vision. For improved experience, they also have a screen which is spherical. If you would want to use REACTIV photochromic technical lenses, they are accessible. For anti-fogging solution Julbo uses AirFlow system which means that the vents are integrated into the goggles`frame and goggles stay fog-free due to the air circulation. These goggles feature the SuperFlow System which means you can push forward your lens to adjust to the temperature changes and prevent the fogging.

    • REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast - Photochromic lens
    • VLT: from 17% to 75%
    • minimal frame for wide field of vision 
    • two layers of foam for optimum comfort and shock absorption
    • designed for large faces

    This model is OTG (over the glasses) and is created to be worn over the prescription eyewear. Thermoformed double density foam is designed for your comfort and enjoyable wear all day long. REACTIV lenses have the visible light transmission in range 15-30%. These lenses adjust to the light environment, they will get a lighter or darker shade depending on the light conditions. Aerospace goggles` lenses feature the Glare Control technology which reduces glare for 50%.

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    Buyers Guide: How To Choose Best Goggles for Snowboarding and Skiing

    So, you have decided to buy a new pair of goggles, but now you are stuck in the process and do not know what is your next step? How to choose the best option when there are so many models out there? You know how important it is to gear up before hitting the slopes, and goggles are the essentials. But, how to be sure you got the right ones? Luckily, we have created the review of 11 best snow goggles at the moment, to help you start. To be sure you are getting the most appropriate goggles according to your needs, first you will have to know some basics so you can be more confident when searching for that perfect pair. Our team has explored various sources to sum up the most important technologies and features that might be interesting to you. Plus, once you get to understand these common terms, you can brag about something new you have learned. Here are some key things you will need to know in order to make a satisfying purchase.

    From Good to Great, From Novice to Expert: Basic Ski Lens Terminology


    The best way to choose appropriate ski goggle for adventures in the snow is to read and learn about the types of lenses.

    This sensitive part of a ski goggle has an enormous impact on your ski or snowboarding experience. Thanks to quality lens, you will enjoy the view and be sure that you got yourself a great goggle that will make everything much easier.

    Lens technology is changing fast so it sometimes feels overwhelming to keep up with the tech trends, but, in general, there are two main shapes of lens: Spherical and Cylindrical.

    Spherical Shape

    When describing a spherical lens the first word that comes to mind is bubble and that is for a reason. It does have a bubble-like shape. This type of curvature is actually beneficial, because there is no flat surface that sun beam can hit and create glare. Another important plus is that the peripheral view is broad and there is more volume to minimize the fogging, compared to cylindrical shape. When it comes to distortion it is almost non-existent. The only con of this lens is that it is more expensive than its predecessor. So, even though there are nice pieces of snow eye wear that use cylindrical shape lenses, our recommendation is to rather pay a little more and gain all the advantages spherical lenses can offer.


    Cylindrical Shape

    These optical lenses with their curved optic surface on the X axis are focusing the light onto a line. What we know about them is that they have less defense when it comes to glare and bigger space available to UV rays. Since they stretch images while focusing the light, there is a bigger chance for distorted view at specific angles. This is still a pretty minimal and hard to notice downside and there are many good goggles on the market that use cylindrical shape. It is good to know, that due to lower costs of production, these lenses are usually more affordable then spherical ones. However, even though these lenses were like the only ones for decades, with the introduction of spherical and toric lenses, they stopped being so popular.

    Toric Shape - Spherical / Cylindrical mix

    Toric lenses are sort of a new kid on the block thing, so there are not lots of goggle models that you can choose from on the market. But what are these lenses all about and what is their special power?

    This shape was created with intention to combine all the good characteristics from spherical and cylindrical lenses and make a new amazing lens. Optically, this shape will give the most accurate perception and vision. The curvature on the y axis is little less obvious, but the x axis is like with the spherical lenses. The shape lines of the lenses follow the contours of the face more naturally, which is a plus when it comes to optic quality and enhancing peripheral vision.

    Why is Color Shade Important?

    Just like when you are trying to buy a hiking gear, so you look at the jackets and cannot decide which color is most suitable for you, the same thing goes with purchasing the goggles and choosing between different shades they come in. But, be careful there. Goggles` color is not just a fashion statement like it usually is with jackets, but a pointer to much more important things. These colors can be classified into four categories, S1-S4, going from lighter to darker ones. Different tints are created to enhance vision and make snow sports more enjoyable. Depending on weather conditions you will opt for a different tint; there is a lot of difference in the light when it is cloudy or on a bluebird day.

    What Does VLT Stand For?


    This is another term that is regularly used when talking about optics. Before starting a snow sport activity, be sure to gear up and read all about the top ski goggles. Although they seem like not so important part of your ski gear, as the snowboard or skis are, the truth is that bad goggles can completely ruin your day in the mountains. And not only that, it is quite unsafe to wear goggles that do not offer the needed support. Visible Light Transmission or in short VLT is a mark that tells you a percentage of light that can penetrate the goggle. Whether you are skiing on the snow or mountain climbing, whether it is a sunny or a cloudy day, knowing the appropriate VLT for your environment will make your adventure a lot easier and more enjoyable.

    The VLT range goes from 5 to 95% (it is actually 0 to 100, but it is not likely you will find goggle with such low/high percentage). The lower the percentage, the less light will get through the goggles and vice versa. So, if it is a very bright and sunny day, the optimum VLT would be somewhere in between 5 to 20%. The most used range is 20-50% and this is commonly used among skiers. If you would use goggle with 50-70 percentage, it will be suitable for a very cloudy day, or just for specific times of the day, like around sunset and sunrise. This percentage shows that there is much more light penetrating the goggle. The last VLT section goes for 70-95% and those are not heavily used. This type of VLT means that every possible trace of light would be captured, so you can imagine the conditions these are needed for - a strong snowstorm or at night. Most skiers use the 20-50% VLT goggle range, others seem a bit extreme.

    So, Which Colors to go for?

    Once you have figured out your environment and the VLT that will go with you, you can consider different shades that will match your VLT. There are some common combinations of colors and VLT ranges. For example, if you are going with the lowest VLT percentage, then the following colors would make a logical choice: dark gray, dark brown and mirrored blue or green. The next range needs something in between, not really dark and not really bright so opt for some medium amber or yellow. The 50-70% range would ask for much lighter options, like light orange or light rose and the last one, the 70-95%, would actually need some ultra light colors.

    ski googles review

    Have you Heard of Prizm Technology?

    Maybe you have stumbled upon this term while you were searching for the best snow goggle out there but did not have the chance to really dive into it and find out what it is all about? No worries, we are here to help out. Just read on, we will try to bring it closer to you in just a few sentences. Prizm technology is under ownership of the Oakley brand and so is the material these are made from: Plutonite. This high-grade polycarbonate material is melted and then the dye is added to create a desired shade. Nice, but what does it mean to us? Well, first of all, knowing that the color is added into the lens, not put like a film or coating on them, means that the UV protection can not be scratched off. Yes! Second, this innovative technology (the idea initially came from the technique spy satellites were using) gives the best optics by increasing contrast and upgrading performance. When using these lenses, you will more easily spot moving objects and be able to react faster.

    They are adjusted to the environment and make skiing or snowboarding safer because of the sharpened vision. Once you try these lenses, you will definitely see the difference and would not want to wear any other.

    Interchangeable Lens Option

    This is another important issue to discuss, when in search for the best ski goggles. Almost every goggle has the option of changing lenses. What differs one model from another is the speed of the change. Traditional changing systems are a bit rough and take more time to switch lenses, which can get really annoying, especially if the frame is too rigid. They are usually pulled away from the frame and another set is pushed back in. Lots of budget-friendly types of goggles offer this kind of system. If you are not planning on changing your lenses very often, you can always get them to a service shop so they can do it correctly. On the other side, there are modern ski goggles with improved changing technique-quick change lens system. Editor`s Choice model from our review, Anon M4 Toric is all about this feature and their line "M" is known for it. It is basically based on magnets that make change super fast while goggle is still on your head. Other top ski goggles that use similar methods are models that come from brands like Smith and Giro.

    What About Anti-Fog Systems?

    A quality anti - fog system is what divides best from the rest. Type of lens makes no difference. What is important to understand is that the fogging comes if the ventilation is poor. The vent system should provide air coming through the sides, the top and the bottom of a goggle. This way the air helps balance the temperature and stops creating fog. Also, try not to take off your goggles during ski time and wear a reasonable amount of clothes ( you do not wanna get too hot and sweaty). Ventilation is a specific feature, so be careful to check if it is for your goggle. Another thing is an anti-fog coating that goes on the inside of the lens. This layer is very sensitive so try not to wipe off the moisture so you do not damage it.



    OTG stands for Over The Glasses feature. It would surely be easier to wear contact lenses, but if it is not doable, then you can opt for some OTG models and still enjoy time on the slopes. Whether you are outside mountain climbing or snowboarding, knowing you have picked a good OTG can make a huge difference in your confidence. Be careful though, just because there is a mark OTG on ski goggles it does not mean that they will certainly fit your glasses.

    Comfort Matters!

    The way your ski goggles fit your face is an important feature and best ski goggles usually have multiple layering. The regular, cheaper ones mostly have only one layer of padding, they do not absorb moisture very well and they can break more easily than the pricier ski goggles. If you are willing to spend more than $100 dollars for this part of outdoor gear, than you will enjoy a snug fit as models on the high-price end usually have three layers of padding. If you are an active skier and spend lots of time in snow activities, you will appreciate the extra comfort.

    Compatibility of Ski Glasses and Helmets

    Lately, most goggles fit well with different helmets. If you are ordering goggles online, play it on the safe side and stick to one brand.

    What are the Different Goggle Sizes?

    In general, there are three sizes: small, large and medium. The goggles should fit nicely but they should not be too tight. There are no different sizes for men and women, but the smaller ones are usually more convenient for women to wear. We have plenty of different size goggle cases to keep them totally protected.


    Maybe the easiest way to shop for ski lenses is to do it online, from the safety and comfort of your home. All you have to do is to type in the browser replacement ski lenses and there you have it. Choose the website that you know has good reviews, quality customer care and good return policy. You should check the name of your goggle model and add it to your search. Once you have found it, check everything once more and if everything seems correct, you are ready to order. With the right model name you will be sure that the lens you get is going to be the exact fit. If online shopping is not your thing, you can always go and visit your favorite brand store or call them in advance to check if they have the wanted model in stock.

    There is nothing worse than scratched ski lenses. Though you can prevent this from happening, it is easier said than done. You already know there are so many ways that you can accidentally damage your precious ski eyewear, but do not worry, there are some tricks that can help you polish them. One thing you should be aware of is that lenses are super sensitive. So, if they are dirty, have particles of dirt on them or just plain dust, try not to wipe them off with the cloth, but rather blow off as much dirt as you can. This way you will stop dirt getting inside the scratch or, perish the thought, create more scratches on the surface. To make a proper repair, you will need a toothpaste or baking soda paste. If you are working with baking soda paste, make sure it is tick and put it gently with your fingers on the surface of the lenses where the scratches are. Then use a small piece of soft fabric to buff it onto the goggle lens, and use circular motion. Remember to do it gently and with care. The other way our team recommends is that you should use toothpaste, but do not reach out for gel toothpaste, since the latter is more harsh and can even worsen the situation. The process is the same as the one with the baking soda. If the scratch is still there, you should repeat the method. Also, one more thing: If there is prevent-scratch lens coating on, make sure to rub it off before repairing the lens.

    The Best Ski Goggles Are…

    After a thorough test and analysis, our team at the CheapSnowGear decided to give the Best Ski Goggles medal to Anon`s M4 Toric. These goggles have it all and if you are in the market for new goggles, please do not skip to try these on. From design to functionality, Anon M4 Toric covered every topic. Anon`s line of goggles is not an enormous one, but they are known for their quality over quantity motto. This model is surely the best when it comes to Anon`s offer and we can say with confidence that M4 Toric is one of the most powerful goggles we had a chance to test. In essence, the design is modern, changing lens technology is probably the best-in-class, great field of view, excellent ventilation and after all, an amazing and comfortable fit.


    Our #1 Recommendation
    Anon Men's M4 Toric Goggle

    Integral Clarity Technology (ICT) Anon's ICT anti-fog treatment delivers crystal clear vision, no matter what the elements throw at you.

    Starting with a porous cellulose inner lens surface for superior water shedding above and beyond standard acetate lenses, Anon applies its chemically etched ICT anti-fog treatment for long-lasting clarity.

    ICT works in tandem with Full Perimeter Channel Venting to tell moisture to go fog itself.

    9.7out of 10


    Author - Anna Kos
    Anna Kos          

    Snow Gear Product Guru

    Anna has been shredding the pow globally from Whistler to Niseko, even hitting the southern Alps in New Zealand. She has been a snowboarder for over 10 years and writes about it from 2017. She is a gear enthusiast, always on a look out for the new equipment to test and try, whether it is a snowboard or ski gear. Anna shares her knowledge as one of our top gear guru's.


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