11 Best Snowboard Bindings 2023 | Union Str to Burton Step On

Behold the ultimate list of best bindings for the 2022/2023 winter season! We`ve researched and tested different models to find the top 11 choices for you.

If you are undecided or not sure where to start you search, take a look at these options. We are sure you will find at least a couple of models you will want to put on immediately.

When it comes to bindings, the grip and flexibility are the most important features so we carefully took these into consideration as well as the comfort and stability. And if you want to know more about bindings, check out the Buyers Guide down below.

Editor`s Choice
FLOW NX2 Carbon Hybrid
  • Baseplate: NX2-Series
  • Hiback: Asym Uniback Fuse Carbon
  • Powerstrap: Hybrid Exo-Frame Pro
Runner Up
  • Full wrap chassis 
  • Rotatable highback 
  • Transfer ankle strap 
Best Buy
  • A-series chassis
  • Three-piece ankle strap
  • Minimalist toe strap with overmold

Top Snowboard Bindings For Winter 2022/2023:

Most Aggressive
Flow NX2 Carbon Hybrid

Ideal for big days in all snow conditions on all types of terrain. Nx2 Hybrid Hybrid snowboard bindings have an intuitive layout that makes them highly easy to install.

It is a go-to model for many riders, and with its technical design and all-mountain versatility, it's easy to see why.

Ergonomic construction makes these bindings safe for your feet. These bindings are lightweight and durable. 

9.9out of 10


We have chosen the Flow Nx2 Hybrid - Carbon bindings because they are the perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds. With a comfortable and lightweight design, these bindings are ideal for a day on the slopes without having to worry about feet and stability. They are some of the most comfortable and functional bindings on the market with amazing amount of support and comfort, while still being light and durable. Designed for bombing steeps, they are not heavy and are incredibly responsive.

  • fast entry
  • very responsive
  • lightweight
  • tool-free foot-bed
  • great control 
  • these are some stiff bindings

They are for riders who like fast rides and really enjoy speed, so these bindings can strike you as bit aggressive. They do not have the carbon in the baseplate frame, which is odd considering the name (the same aluminium platform is used as in clean NX2 model). Carbon actually plays a big part in the SlipNGrip plate made for smoother entry. Another extra feature is a tool-free footbed and the frame which allows you to use these bindings with every board there is (yes, even Burton).

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Most Adjustable
2. BATALEON Blaster

The Blaster bindings are made to tackle the whole mountain with precision and power.

Agile heelside response with the support of Full wrap allows you to charge with confidence. The one-piece Transfer ankle strap and the Transfer toe strap feature are here for your comfort. 

Everything on the Blaster can be easily adjusted for a custom fit, making this the ideal binding to tear up the park, cruise the resort or poach some lines.

9.8out of 10


With adjustable bindings like these the comfort level is set to the max. You can customize your fit to ensure an enjoyable and snug ride all day long. They feature a one-piece Transfer ankle strap and the Transfer toe strap improved with the AuxTech®. The Transfer ankle strap is ergonomically created and the pressure is evenly spread which makes these bindings really supportive. Since the whole binding is super adjustable it makes it ideal for some serious heavy park rides, but you can as well just enjoy some resort cruising.

  • comfortable
  • tool-free adjustment
  • great heelside response
  • supportive, adjustable
  • not for beginner riders
  • flex is more on the stiff side

The Kink Ladders allow you to modify the connection with the ankle strap: you can choose a lower or higher option for your bindings. The lower can make them more tweak-able, and the higher gives that locked-in feel for more control and support. Fast Entry tech is implemented for easier entry and exit, so getting in and out of your bindings now seems like a breeze: it is fast and really easy!

What we especially appreciated was this Never Miss a Day kit with bonus ladders, screws and washers, which was a really thoughtful addition. These bindings have it all, they are stable (you can adjust it to your comfort level), supportive and flexible-the best combination there is!

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Most Precise
3. RIDE A-9

The A-Series Chassis provides the reactive flex and power transfer of aluminum underfoot. The extruded aluminum heel cup provides an ultimate toe-heel response. The A-Series Chassis was designed to be less rigid than previous designs allowing the aluminum to flex more under the rider’s weight allowing for a much more reactive ride.

Designed to provide ultimate comfort the three-piece strap has a rigid plastic piece to provide the response of the binding. This is paired with another urethane piece that assures the strap is comfortable and stays in place over your boot.


9.6out of 10


These bindings are high-end bindings built to last with some upgraded adjustability. You get two options when it comes to discs, so you can opt for plastic or aluminium type. This way, you can alter them to your mood, if you are more for a rough ride use aluminium disc, if you need more flex underfoot take the plastic one.

When it comes to comfort, this model has adjustable heel cup, so you can position your boot more freely and the way you want it. Straps are also designed for ideal grip. The heel strap is made of three simple pieces. They are easy to put over foot and lock the boot in. The toe strap has rubber and grips the boot tighter which adds to stability.

  • powerful
  • damp
  • flexible
  • user friendly
  • toe strap should be stronger (thicker)

The ratchet has been redesigned and offers better experience, while the foot-bed is extremely light and helps you position the ankles and knees more naturally. Another awesome thing to mention is those urethane pods that are placed on the foot-bed and absorb the vibrations. With these you can really feel the difference: the landings are way smoother and easier. Once you put these bindings on, you will notice how stable (and a bit stiff) they are, but they do not trap your foot. Ride A-9 bindings are indeed precision bindings that offer stable but flexible ride.

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Best Tech
4. BURTON Cartel

Flex Full bed cushioning system provides full underfoot cushioning, maximizing comfort while minimizing fatigue, and features a Trap-Door design for easy access to mounting hardware.

Single-component canted hiback construction provides immediate response and allows you to manipulate the overall flex profile of the board.

Zero forward lean hiback is completely vertical and designed for riders who prefer a more playful and relaxed feel.


9.3out of 10


The great butterability of this board makes it easier to be used with a wide variety of boards - even ones not made by Burton (this does not include boards that do not have the Burton Channel System though). Proven and reliable technologies, mixed with awesome features and an unrivalled all-terrain capability, make these bindings a great choice for every snowboarder. Now with an updated strap and buckle system, the men's Burton Cartel snowboard bindings ensure that they still deliver the balance of comfort and control and the well-known versatility.

  • underfoot cushioning (Flex FullBED)
  • strap and buckle tech
  • great control
  • super grip toe strap,
  • responsive
  • no stance width adjustability
  • compatible only with Burton Channel System

The design of the baseplate is rather minimalistic-it features one material all the way through and ensures constant reliable response and great control whatever the terrain. These bindings are ideal choice for those who long for relaxed rides and playful performance (zero forward lean hi-back). The ankle strap is created as a 3-piece strap which is completely adjustable, so if you want to, you can put them high around your ankle or slip them down for a more flexible feel.

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Best Support
5. ROME Black Label

This Rome model is a top-shelf blend of premium materials and advanced tech.

Asymwrap is a surfy yet responsive binding platform, designed for maximum board feel and tweakability.

Proflex ankle straps are powered by Auxtech for advanced hold, energy transfer, and snug comfort.

9.1out of 10


With Bombproof Buckles and Progrip toe strap, these bindings scream stable! They are designed for improved grip and construction is created with durability in mind. Rome Black Label bindings are not as playful, and more on the precision side with improved customization options. The baseplate is adjustable so it can fit lots of different boot models and sizes and the angle of the highback can be altered to mirror the lower leg for greater connection and more stability.

  • highback rotation
  • adjustable baseplate
  • pivot mounts
  • precise & durable
  • high price

The new FastEntry Technology makes getting into and setting bindings super quick and easy-peasy. Ankle and toe straps have the pre-curved ladder that makes straps to just pop open. This way the straps will not get in the way while putting the boot inside the binding (which is super helpful). We need to mention PivotMounts that are exclusively Rome innovation and they are made to help the rider move the position of their ankle straps (they offer 8 strap positions per side of the ankle strap).

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Best for Women
6. BENT Metal Stylist

Bent Metal Stylist offers lightweight all-mountain performance. The Stylist is a versatile performance binding with light components and a flare for the future.

It features a large axis disk -4x4, 2x4, and is channel compatible.

A smaller surface area of band ankle straps with a large cored compression window creates a soft and extra comfortable flex.


8.9out of 10


One of the things that makes these women`s bindings different compared to other models is their Flex Control Drive Plates. These are designed with a core and a topsheet to add the comfort and subtle flex. You can choose between soft and stiffer plate to alter it depending on your activities so you can get that perfect fit. For all around riding conditions and the maximum response, the highback is slightly cupped and doesn`t have completely symmetrical shape. The material of a highback is the nylon polymer that has a medium flex and is most comfortable.

  • asymmetric solid highback
  • fiberglass panels in the footbed
  • vibration absorbing polymer in the baseplate
  • versatile
  • could be stiffer

This model`s drive plate is not made of carbon, but magnesium fibre (this makes it softer delivering an all-mountain energy). Bent Metal Stylist has adjustable toe ramp, which is helpful when you need to alter it to your boots size. The ankle strap is super soft and grips your foot snugly adjusting to its shape. The toe strap is more firm but will still go over any type of boot you chose. This is a high-performance binding with lightweight elements, but still very durable and stable. They are not for complete beginners, and are best suited for the intermediate riders.

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Most Versatile
7. UNION Strata

The Union Freestyle series bindings are designed for riders who search for the ultimate freedom and comfort. Minimal binding-to-board contact is a concept pioneered by Union from day one, and the freestyle series showcase the benefits.

Mini Disk (Union company is the pioneer of Mini Disk technology) provides maximum board flex and a surfy ride feel.

The Union Forma Lab ankle strap is lightweight, super durable and fits well with any model of boots on the market today.



8.7out of 10


One of the most recognized Union bindings models is Strata binding. It is a freestyle and damp binding you can take pretty much anywhere and it comes with incredible vibration absorption capabilities. With the flex sitting in the middle between flexy and rigid, this binding is ideal for freestyle and all-mountain, and solid for freeride performance. What we liked the most about this model is the incredible shock reduction. They go pretty well with boards that fall within mid-flex level.

  • easy entry/exit
  • lightweight
  • very shock absorbent
  • adjustable  
  • not the most playful binding
  • no option for a higher position
    (ankle straps)

We found these bindings to be super comfortable, with a nice heel cup so you can center your boot very easily. Ratchets are designed in a way that getting in and out of a binding goes smooth and fast. No pressure points with the ankle strap, it goes nicely over the boot offering stability. The padded footbed is a great addition since it enhances the vibration and chatter reduction. Highback is created for a great feel, no calf bite or discomfort while wearing these bindings and that is most important.

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Most Lively
8. NITRO One

The new Nitro One snowboard binding is for those looking for a minimalistic silhouette that provides support for any terrain—built to be the perfect binding for a true ATR (All-Terrain Rider).

Combining the best of both worlds, the flex and feel from our freestyle Zero binding and the durability and fit from the Team binding.

Introducing a better way to ride the mountain - The One Binding - built for days exploring the entire mountain, hitting every side hit along the way, and laying down turns on the groomers in between. 

8.5out of 10


These bindings really let you customize their features. The adjustable heel cup is fully there for you to alter it the way you want it: choose between a backward or forward slide. The toe strap offers two different positions and the highback has a forward lean option. The toe ramp can also be moved forward or backwards depending on how you need it. The heel strap is stretchy, but the toe strap is on the smaller-cut side which can be an issue with some types of boots.

  • playful
  • lively
  • adjustable
  • great board feel
  • the toe strap has a small cut out
  • the ratchets feel fragile

The ratchets are designed to go smoothly and fast, but they do have that shaky feeling to them, like they are not strong enough to grip and hold your boot tightly. It is a very playful and lively board, you get to feel everything, but it features the air dampening system in the heel, so it will minimize some chatter if you go for a heavy ride. It is a good binding, locks you in, but not too tight and is for riders who enjoy the playfulness that this board will bring.

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Best Grip
9. FLOW Fuse Hybrid

Flow Fuse is ideal for free runs and terrain parks.

It is easy to install. Fuse Hybrid snowboard bindings have an intuitive layout that makes them highly fast to install.

Hybrid bindings offer everything a lot of riders are looking for in binding; they are supportive yet playful, and they provide great all-mountain board control while feeling comfortable on your feet


8.3out of 10


The Flow Fuse is actually the ultimate premium mid-flex model with amazing materials, EVA foam and glass filled molded nylon. It has more side to side flex then front to back, which makes it ideal for tweaking grabs. The superb side to side flex doesn`t make it less appropriate for taking turns, because it is still stiff enough for that. Another great thing is the strap technology. They are very comfortable and combine the Exoframe and EVA Kush foam.

  • comfortable & responsive
  • EVA Kush foam
  • side-to-side flex
  • great strap tech
  • the dials on the highback could be improved

These bindings feature EVA foot beds for more comfort and the Hybrid Exo Kush strap. The customization level is enhanced with an option to move highback heel cup backward and forward (just loosen the screws on the side to set it the way you need it). They are not the softest nor the stiffest bindings, they are ideally set in the middle, which makes them great for snowboarders who like to spend their days at the park.

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Most Convenient
10. BURTON Step On

It’s not just about ease of use. Step On’s heel-to-toe connection puts pro-caliber control where it matters most, providing an effortless connection for riders at every skill level. 

Step On boots and bindings feature full underfoot cushioning to limit fatigue and offer a broken-in feel right out of the box. 

8.1out of 10


This model is exactly what the name suggests. If buckles and straps annoy you, then you are going to love these easy step on bindings. Step on models are different from other types because they feature a totally unique system-no straps. It might seem that construction like that isn`t going to be as strong but that is just not the case. Burton Step On model offers a secure grip and great response. They are extremely convenient and comfortable, but there is a catch. The only downside is that these bindings work only with Burton step on boots. If you do not have the compatible boots for these bindings, then you will need to purchase them both.

  • super convenient
  • incredibly easy entry/exit
  • responsive
  • stable
  • you need compatible Burton step on boots
  • too restrictive for some

These step on bindings lock you in, so you do not need to worry about any additional adjustments. It might feel like your boot movements are restricted, but as a result you get very responsive and secure binding. We were surprised that the strong construction didn`t add on weight; they are super light. With Burton Step On bindings you will never again have to think about positions of your ankle or toe straps. You can say goodbye to those with a huge smile on your face!

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Super Stable
11. JONES Orion Bindings

These Jones bindings offer customizable dampening and response by going between Surf and Freeride systems. The Surf Mode helps you tweak, and Freeride locks you in for the ideal response. 

Progressive Flex highback is created for a precise and lively response. The dual-density design gets softer from the bottom to the top, and has a stiff lower section for solid carving performance and a flexible top section for playful freestyle. 

7.9out of 10


Orion, just as all Jones bindings, feature the NOW-s Skate-Tech system that is constantly being upgraded. In this version, the new Hanger 3.0 is implemented and helps with spreading the energy right to the edges in order to reduce the fatigue and bring the rapid response. The improved custom-friendly system lets you adjust the hardness of the bushings (there are four of them on the baseplate). Another amazing benefit you can gain with these bindings is that they have the universal disc. Why is this important? Well, you can put them on any snowboard of your wish, even those with the Channel system.

  • versatile
  • comfortable
  • Skate-Tech system
  • universal disc
  • only hard bushings included

When it comes to highback, it features the Progressive flex highback that is more stiff at the bottom and slowly transitions to soft toward the top. This way you get a precise but playful experience, minimizing that locked-in feel. Ankle straps are softer then other Jones bindings, here they added an extra padding but didn`t overdo it, so you still get that control and lots of response. The toe straps on the other hand have less fabric than before, but the grip is still strong, so no worries there. These are great freeride bindings and definitely the most comfortable Jones bindings.

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Buyers Guide: How To Choose Snowboard Bindings?


If you`ve decided to get yourself some new bindings, there are things you should know before making a purchase. Some of the most important factors that will determine the best snow binding for you are your ability level, the type of ride you prefer, and the compatibility with your boots and board. When all these are well combined you can be sure you have chosen snowboard bindings that will transfer the energy perfectly so you can control your board in the right way.

We have created this Buyers Guide to show you some basic features of the bindings and to help you decide which one would be the best option for your riding style. Be sure to take our best snowboard bindings 2022-2023 list into consideration, since we think those are the best ones on the market right now. So, let`s start with some basic snowboard bindings terminology.

What Are The Features of A Best Snowboard Binding?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced snowboarder, I believe you know that snowboard bindings are a super important part of your snowboard gear. Read about some major features of snowboard bindings below, so you can better understand their significance.


The highback is a vertical plate that is attached to the rear of a binding. It provides support for the rider's back and helps to keep the binding in place. Highbacks are often adjustable so that riders can customize the fit and support that they need. When riding the heel edge, the highback determines the level of power and control you can use. There are several features when it comes to highback, and the most important are:

  • Forward Lean

When you lean forward in your highback binding, it's called a "forward lean." This is a common stance used in snowboarding, and it can help you stay balanced and in control while you're carving turns. When you lean too far forward, however, it can cause your bindings to "pre-release". So, it's important to find the right balance of forward lean for your binding and riding style. There are snowboard bindings with zero lean, which means they are sitting in a completely vertical position.

  • Height

Higher bindings can give you more leverage over your board, they are more responsive and can help you keep your balance when going fast or hitting big jumps. They can also make it easier to control your board when riding in powder.
  • Asymmetrical Highbacks

These highbacks are a type of binding highback that is designed to provide a more comfortable and supportive fit for your binding. These highbacks are often made from a softer material, such as foam, and feature a variety of different straps that can be adjusted to provide a custom fit. Asymmetrical highbacks are often used in bindings that are designed for all-mountain or freestyle riding, as they provide a good mix of support and flexibility.
  • Winged Highbacks

Winged highbacks are a type of binding that is attached to the back of a snowboard. This type of binding is designed to provide extra support and stability when riding and can be especially helpful for beginner and intermediate riders. Winged highbacks can be found on both men's and women's bindings, and are typically adjustable to accommodate different rider sizes.


The baseplate of a binding is the part of the binding that attaches to the snowboard. It is typically made of plastic or metal and is responsible for transferring the rider's energy to the board. The baseplate must be strong enough to withstand the forces exerted by the rider, yet flexible enough to allow the binding to move freely. Most baseplates feature cushioning that helps with vibration absorption and makes riding more comfortable. This cushioning usually comes in a shape of a gel material. What is also important is the footbed which goes over the baseplate. They are mostly removable and they add to the comfy ride.

Heel cup

A heel cup is a crucial part of a snowboard binding. It is the part of the binding that holds your boots in place and provides support and stability while you are riding. Without a heel cup, your foot would slip around inside the binding, making it difficult to control your snowboard. There are different types of the heel cup, depending on the snowboard binding system. Some are made of plastic, while others are made of metal. The type of heel cup you need will depend on your snowboarding style and the type of terrain you will be riding on.


Riding Style and Flex

When you're out on the slopes, you need to be able to rely on your snowboard bindings to keep you securely attached to your board. The flex of the binding is an important factor in determining how well it will perform. A binding with too much flex will be difficult to control, while a binding with too little flex will be uncomfortable and may cause you to lose your balance.

Soft flex bindings are ideal for powder riding, as they provide a more forgiving feel that's easier on the legs. They also allow you to really tweak your board for extra maneuverability.

Whether you're a powder hound or just getting started in the snow, soft flex bindings are a great choice for a fun and enjoyable ride. Binding with a stiffer flex is going to be more responsive and offer more support.


Different Types and Board Compatibility

When it comes to snowboard bindings, snowboard compatibility is key. You want to make sure that your bindings are compatible with your snowboard to have the best possible experience on the slopes. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing bindings, such as the type of snowboard you have and the type of riding you plan on doing.

With so many different options on the market, it can be tough to know which bindings are the right fit for you. Some bindings are designed for use with specific boards, while others can be used with any board that has the right bolt pattern. Bolt patterns come in these 4 shapes:

  • The 2x4 hole pattern (2x4 shows how many centimeters is between horizontal and vertical holes)
  • The most common is the 4x4 pattern (4x4 shows the difference in width)
  • The 3D pattern has three bolts arranged in a triangle
  • Burton ICS (Infinite Channel System) has just two bolts that attach to a channel in the board

Strap Bindings

Strap bindings are the most popular type of binding, and are typically used for freestyle riding. They consist of a strap that goes over your boot, and another strap that goes around your ankle. Strap bindings are easy to get in and out of, and are adjustable to fit a variety of boot sizes (they usually offer multiple adjusting options) and they generally go well with both soft and firm boots. The drawback of having straps is that adjusting them can be time-consuming and frustrating if you are using your gloves or need to move fast.

Fast-Entry Bindings

These bindings are designed to provide a quick and easy way to get in and out of your bindings, without having to remove your boots. This can be a great advantage when you're trying to get in and out of your bindings quickly, or when you're in a hurry to get on the slopes. Speed entry bindings can also be a bit more expensive than traditional bindings, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons before you decide which type of binding is right for you.


Men`s and Women`s Bindings-What`s the Difference?

There is a big difference between men`s and women`s snowboard bindings. Men`s bindings are typically wider and have a more aggressive stance, while women`s bindings are narrower and have a more neutral stance. This is because men`s bindings are designed for larger, more powerful riders, while women`s bindings are designed for smaller, lighter riders. Another big difference between men`s and women`s bindings is the size of the bindings. Men`s bindings are usually larger, while women`s bindings are smaller. Finally, women's bindings often have softer straps and padding to provide additional comfort. All of these factors combine to create a binding that is specifically designed to fit a woman's or men`s body and provide the best possible snowboarding experience.


Well, think about the type of riding you'll be doing. If you're mostly going to be cruising around the mountain, all-mountain bindings will be a good choice. If you're planning on hitting the park or doing some serious freestyle riding, then freestyle bindings would be a better option. You'll also need to make sure the bindings you choose are compatible with the size of your boots. Finally, think about your budget. There are bindings available at all different price points, so you'll need to decide how much you're willing to spend.

There are a few different types of snowboard bindings, but step-in bindings are becoming increasingly popular. With step-in bindings, you simply step into the binding and then click it into place. This is a much easier and faster process than traditional bindings, which can be a real pain to get into. Step-in bindings are also much more secure, so you don't have to worry about them coming loose while you're riding.

First, consider the type of snowboarding you will be doing. All-mountain snowboarding requires bindings that are versatile and can handle a variety of conditions. If you plan on doing mainly freestyle riding, then you'll need bindings that are lightweight and offer good flexibility. For racing, you'll need bindings that are designed for speed and offer good support. Once you've considered the type of riding you'll be doing, take a look at the different features offered by different bindings. Some bindings offer more support and padding, while others are designed to be lightweight and offer more flexibility.

Important factors when choosing bindings include the type of snowboarding you will be doing (freestyle, all-mountain, or racing), the size and flex of your snowboard, and your own personal preferences. Some beginner-friendly bindings that are popular among snowboarders are the Burton Mission bindings and the Salomon Hologram bindings.

The Best Snowboard Bindings Are…

Our team at CheapSnowGear decided to honor the NX2 Carbon bindings and place them as our best recommendation for you and it is easy to say why. This FLOW model has everything you might need in a binding. With Exo Frame Pro and Aux Tech you get all the comfort there is. You can make adjustments on the fly and do not forget that they have a cool hole pattern which makes these bindings super compatible with any board you can think off (without exceptions)! These bindings are perfect choice for advanced riders and riders who want to improve their techniques. If you want amazingly responsive board then you will not regret making these bindings yours!

Our #1 Recommendation
Flow NX2 Carbon Hybrid

Ideal for big days in all snow conditions on all types of terrain. Nx2 Hybrid Hybrid snowboard bindings have an intuitive layout that makes them highly easy to install.

It is a go-to model for many riders, and with its technical design and all-mountain versatility, it's easy to see why.

Ergonomic construction makes these bindings safe for your feet. These bindings are lightweight and durable. 

9.9out of 10

Author - Anna Kos
Anna Kos          

Snow Gear Product Guru

Anna has been shredding the pow globally from Whistler to Niseko, even hitting the southern Alps in New Zealand. She has been a snowboarder for over 10 years and writes about it from 2017. She is a gear enthusiast, always on a look out for the new equipment to test and try, whether it is a snowboard or ski gear. Anna shares her knowledge as one of our top gear guru's.


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