11 Best Snowmobile Helmets (2023) || Buyers Guide

Along with the AI essay writer https://eduwriter.ai/, our carefully crafted Best 11 Snowmobile Helmets list for 2023 was designed after utilizing the knowledge that we gained from our many trips to the lake and the snow capped mountains. We have seen the best and worst of what the snowmobile world has to offer, and we have gathered our experience on the slopes to create these reviews of top snowmobile helmets.

Here we'll share all of the insider information you need to know about each helmet, including its strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. 

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting, I think you'll find this list to be a valuable resource as you make your next purchase. For more info, if you keep scrolling down, you will find our Buyers Guide to find out all there is about snowmobile helmets. 

Editor`s Choice
509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon 3K Helmet
  • Carbon fiber composite construction
  • Fidlock chinstrap
  • Pro-Series Breathbox
Runner Up
CKX Titan Backcountry Helmet
  • Integrated front air vents
  • Removable muzzle
  • 210° Goggles
Best Buy
SKI-DOO Modular 3 Electric SE Helmet
  • Modern shell design
  • Built-in Clear Vision Technology
  • Adjustable sun shield

Top Snowmobile Helmets For 2023:

Best Overall
1. 509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon 3K Helmet

It was built for riders who demand comfort, control, and confidence in all conditions.

Hand Lay-up 3K Carbon Fiber construction results in a more substantial, lighter weight. Perfect fit with 509 goggles.

This helmet features a flock chinstrap for easy in and out and offers a Go-Pro mounting option.


9.7out of 10


The 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber 3K is one of the finest snowmobile helmets money can buy. 509 already produces some of the best-designed and most comfortable open-face helmets on the market, and this feature takes things to a whole new level.

The carbon fiber material used in its construction makes it highly robust, readily surpassing safety norms and providing more dependable protection against impact. You'll hardly even feel the extra weight because this maintains the comfort level high.

What We Liked!
  • lightweight
  • Fidlock system
  • camera mount
What We Didn't Like
  • expensive

With an aerodynamic profile and individual intake/exhaust vent openings, you'll have plenty of airflow at any speed. The Altitude Carbon Fiber 3k also has a Fidlock magnetic strap, which is a great addition. The helmet may be rapidly fastened and unfastened in this way.

A universal camera attachment is also included so you may take videos while you're on the road. This is a rather pricey helmet, for an open-face model. Even while the vent openings aid in keeping you cool, they might make you cold if you're out in the middle of winter.

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For Backcountry
2. CKX Titan Backcountry Helmet

Enjoy the benefits of all the CKX Titan Air Flow’s features without the risk of fogging, with the new 210˚ ventilated electric goggles.

Featuring superb wire quality, these goggles are reliable and resistant and give the same exceptional field of vision that the Titan is famous for.

Ideal for high-demanding backcountry activity riding fans, the Air Flow provides you with increased air circulation due to its many ventilation ports.

9.5out of 10


This has to be one of the best helmets there are and is certainly the best choice for backcountry rides. The design is simple but powerful featuring a fiberglass composite constructed shell.

If you like to record your snow rides then you will love this feature - a removable GoPro camera mount. The CKX Titan Backcountry helmet is comfortable, offers a great fit, and has an adjustable front vent.

What We Liked!
  • great field view
  • 210° goggles
  • removable muzzle
What We Didn't Like
  • a bit weak goggle construction

The incredible thing about this model is the removable muzzle. So, what does this mean for you? Well, imagine that you want some fresh air, to grab a snack, or just want to say something to your companion. What is the next step? Taking the helmet off.

Well, if you are wearing CKX Titan Backcountry, this won’t be the case: the helmet stays on and you just use the muzzle. The 210° goggles provide 2 adjustable frames (insulated and fully ventilated), they are scratch-resistant and feature anti-fog treatment.

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Best Modular
3. SKI-DOO Modular 3 Electric SE Helmet

This helmet started a revolution and has continued to improve with style offering a unique design.

Outstanding vision with an optically-correct dual lens visor and a built-in Clear Vision Technology system to remove your breath and prevent fogging.

The sun shield on this helmet is versatile and adjustable, it goes up or down at the touch of a button.


9.4out of 10


This pick does a great job of covering the essentials while also adding value through amazing aspects of construction and design. The Modular 3 seems awesome at first glance. It boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design that will win you some admirers on the trails.

The extremely large aperture of the eyes is a trait I particularly like. As a result, you have a great field of view, improved by the visor's integrated Clear Vision Technology, which filters out any haze or blur.

What We Liked!
  • no fogging
  • sturdy
  • innovative vision technology
What We Didn't Like
  • not sealed tight
  • some air leaks in extreme wind conditions

The sunshade may be retracted at the push of a button to accommodate varying lighting conditions.

The Breath-Evac anti-fog technology is yet another neat detail. Bear in mind that while this improves the helmet's ability to resist fogging, it does not make it fog proof. The electric variant of this helmet costs more money, but it will help you combat fog better.

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Great Shell
4. CASTLE X EXO-CX950 Snowmobile Helmet

Advanced LG Polycarbonate shell developed exclusively by Scorpion.

This “All-In-One” helmet can be transformed to meet your needs no matter the ride.

The versatile EXO-CX950 can be configured as a modular dual-sport snow or aerodynamic touring snow helmet when the visor is removed.


9.1out of 10


Being more adaptable and offering more features, it has earned its place at the top of this list. Due to the fact that it is a modular helmet, the chin bar can be lifted in case you need to take a break or in an emergency. Many snowmobile enthusiasts find that modular helmets' design improves their riding experience.

The EXO-CX950 may be converted into an open-face design by removing the visor.

What We Liked!
  • good fit
  • comfortable
  • protective & versatile
What We Didn't Like
  • fogs fast when it's super cold

Additional increased protection against impacts is provided by a tough improved LG polycarbonate shell on top of a dual-density EPS foam inner layer, which is in line with or surpasses DOT requirements.

Whether you want to utilize the heated dual-pane visor or keep it open face and wear goggles, your field of view will be enhanced thanks to the massive eye-port. Aero-tuned ventilation to keep you cool and a removable, washable, anti-microbial lining are two pretty useful and practical features.

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Best Heating
5. 509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet

Innovative new 509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet sets the new standard for modular flip-up shield performance with Ignite dual pane heating technology for clear, ice- and fog-free vision in sub-zero conditions.

The shield is oversized for maximum field of view and flips up instantly with the push of a glove-friendly button.

Built for maximum warmth and convenience, the helmet’s long list of features includes climate control venting and the glove-friendly Fidlock magnetic strap buckle.

9out of 10


Extreme weather can poses a risk when snowmobiling, and it can vary greatly from region to region. The 509 Delta R4 Ignite is a high-quality option if you need a warm helmet for use in subzero temperatures.

The airflow into and out of the Delta R4 Ignite helmet is regulated by the helmet's climate control ventilation system. It's important to keep warm air in and cold air out, and this will accomplish both goals.

What We Liked!
  • comfy
  • light
  • flexible
What We Didn't Like
  • runs small
  • chin guard design is not ideal

It's not just the Fidlock chin strap, air box, tinted sun shield, and detachable liner that make this helmet great; it's the whole package.

When you add it all up, you have a helmet that is more than capable of keeping your head warm in harsh conditions while still offering the safety and comfort you need to spend long hours in the snow. It's yet another pricey choice, but sometimes warmth is more valuable than money.

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Great Protection
6. FXR Maverick X Helmet

FXR Maverick X is a lightweight, strong, and advanced helmet. It uses increased shield tab size for easier use with larger winter gloves and an updated Lock & Seal shield seal technology.

Strong Removable peak reduces lift/drag at high speeds & protects from the sun.

Features quick-release, easy-adjustable buckle and dual-density EPS liner.

8.9out of 10


There is no better modular helmet than the FXR Maverick, which has top-notch construction and dependable features. If you plan on using it for a while, it's a good option to think about.

The protective casing is manufactured from a strong and lightweight polymer alloy. Dual-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) is used to construct the inner liners. A strap of stainless steel is fastened under the chin for further security and lifting the helmet's chin is a breeze.

What We Liked!
  • no fogging with an electric shield
  • lightweight & strong
  • safe
What We Didn't Like
  • breath box position is off

You may raise or lower the sun visor by sliding a button. The transparent visor has a double pane and is heated electrically. The cord to power the heated visor is included in the package.

Long rides are made more bearable thanks to the breath box, which is easily removed. The breath box and inside liners are detachable and washable. The chin vents aid in decreasing wind resistance when traveling at fast speeds.

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Best for Kids
7. TYPHOON Youth Full Face Helmet

True youth helmet with a smaller shell, not an over-padded adult helmet.

These helmets meet the DOT standard by having them tested regularly at an independent test facility.

Hard coated opening and closing face shield offers a crystal clear full range of view.


8.7out of 10


The Typhoon Youth snowmobile helmet is an excellent choice to ensure your kids’ safety as they gain experience on the trail. This isn't simply a child-sized helmet; it's a genuine kid model. That means it's designed to keep your child's noggin safe from harm while yet fitting snuggly.

It has a double-paned screen that reduces condensation and keeps the trail visible. The full-face design incorporates a breath box, which serves double duty by preventing fogging.

What We Liked!
  • safe
  • kids' design
  • great price
  • warm
What We Didn't Like
  • fits tight
  • heavy
  • hard to adjust the breath box

All parents can rest easy knowing their children are protected when they hit the trails thanks to this helmet's compliance with DOT regulations. Because of how soft and cozy it is, youngsters won't want to take it off.

The larger child may outgrow this helmet fast, and if you want to upgrade to one that is heated, you'll have to spend more cash. Similarly, the helmet is not suggested for children under the age of five.

Keep an eye on your young riders until you're sure they have the skills to ride safely on their own.

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8. VEGA Caldera Electric Snow 2

The Caldera Electric Snow II by Vega Helmets is a value-packed modular snowmobile helmet engineered for maximum safety, comfort, and functionality; perfect for your next winter adventure.

The multi-position heated electric snow shield is 30% larger, optically correct and features Sure Seal contoured edges for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Includes a fog-reducing breath box, detachable heated electric snow shield w/ silver wiring, advanced modular flip-up helmet system, drop-down inner sun shield and more.

8.6out of 10


If you're looking for a snowmobile helmet, the Vega Helmet is a solid option. It's perfect for the cold months since it offers nine various types of shield features, including tints, mirrors, and an anti-fog element.

Vega Helmets are sturdy and modern in style, providing safety on every ride thanks to their moisture-wick and anti-microbial interior materials. The lining makes the helmet more wearable by preventing your head from feeling squeezed or strangled.

What We Liked!
  • detachable breath box
  • padded quick-release 
  • expanded field of vision
What We Didn't Like
  • runs a size smaller

Vents are located on the chin, forehead, and back to provide enough airflow. The helmet's dual-density EPS foams give twice as much protection as a single-density version. The Clear Shield is included in the base price.

The Vega Helmet is a high-tech protective gear for snowmobile riders. There is a massive increase in the field of view (30%) with this Vega helmet. There is also a heated snow shield, a breath box attachment that helps prevent fogging, and a sophisticated modular flip-up helmet system.

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Bluetooth Helmet
9. TORC T27 Full Face Modular

This helmet checks in at nearly 20 percent less physical size, than the model it replaces.

Major advancements in EPS technology allow this helmet to be smaller and more compact, all the while offering every bit the protection of much larger and bulkier competitors.

This helmet features significant intake venting and incredible Venturi venting for the rear exhaust.

8.4out of 10


TORC T27 winter modular helmet creators used innovations from the EPS technology and modern design to construct a great choice for those riders who need an ultra-safe and comfy helmet.

The EPS improvements provided the option to make a compact-sized helmet without compromising its main purpose since it has all the same features as larger models. It is not bulky like some other models but offers superb protection (DOT Certified) so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your ride.

What We Liked!
  • super comfy
  • the adaptive sun visor system 
  • Bluetooth
What We Didn't Like
  • noticeable wind noise

What is important to mention when it comes to this model is that is geared up with improved Bluetooth 2.0 tech (so you can listen to music, take calls, or follow GPS instructions).

There are 2 speakers that are built-in and a noise-canceling microphone. The one-click release thermoplastic alloy chin bar makes it easy for riders to take off-on their helmets. The liner is detachable and easy to put back.

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3 in 1
10. 509 Delta R3L Carbon Fiber Ignite

The 509 Delta R3L Ignite Helmet is the ultimate multi-use all-in-one helmet, featuring the ability to switch between three configurations: dual sport, full face, and open face.

The Ignite heated face shield ensures clear vision in the harshest conditions.

Carbon fiber construction keeps it super light, while a fully loaded list of features, including the glove-friendly Fidlock magnetic strap buckle, surpasses the most demanding rider’s expectations.

8.1out of 10


When it comes to versatility, nothing beats the 509 Delta R3L Carbon Fiber Ignite Helmet, which offers three different ways you can wear it: as a dual-sport, full-face, or open-face helmet.

The Ignite heated face shield maintains visibility even in extreme cold. The carbon fiber construction makes it lightweight, and the extensive feature set, which includes a magnetic strap buckle that can be used with gloves, will satisfy even the pickiest of riders.

What We Liked!
  • lightweight
  • Fidlock system
  • versatile
What We Didn't Like
  • not the most comfortable helmet
    (not very warm)

Those with the highest standards may be certain that the Delta R3 Carbon Fiber Ignite helmet will meet and exceed their expectations in every way. The carbon fiber shell is hand-laid and has been tested to be stronger and more durable than required by the DOT and the ECE.

The Ignite's dual-pane heated shield guarantees a clean and unobstructed view. This 509 Delta R3 Ignite helmet is built with the rider's comfort in mind.

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Specs Compatible
11. CASTLE D/S SV Dual Sport

The advanced ventilation system allows air to easily flow from front to back in the helmet to remove excess heat and moisture via the airflow channels in the EPS liner.

Configuration includes dual pane shield, smoke tint sun visor, breath box, and cold weather chin curtain.

Aggressive, modern shell design is created with CAD technology.

7.8out of 10


This snowmobile helmet is one great made helmet that will be the best choice for those riders who wear glasses. Castle X is specs-compatible (fits over them) and is also a very comfortable helmet.

The design might strike you as a bit aggressive though with a combination of polycarbonate composite injection molding and innovative cad tech. This helmet features a "contemporary" vent model so the airflow is increased while extra heat and moisture are minimized.

What We Liked!
  • dual pane shield
  • cold weather chin curtain
  • improved vent system
What We Didn't Like
  • tight fit
  • no heated shield

Besides the dual pane shield, there is also a breath box, cold weather chin curtain, and a tint sun visor. The coated face shield makes this helmet scratch-resistant while the high-definition amber tin sun visor gives you clear visibility.

Another cool addition is the inner lining which is removable, but also wicks moisture and keeps the inside comfy and clean from bacteria. The chin strap features a fast release and also provides some miniature changes to maximize the snowmobile helmet fit.

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Buyers Guide: How To Choose a Snowmobile Helmet

snowmobile helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding a sled is essential for the rider's safety and well-being. In the event of an impact, a helmet can absorb the shock and prevent the head from receiving direct contact, reducing the severity of the injury.

A helmet acts as a barrier between the head and any potential impacts, reducing the risk of serious head injuries in the event of an accident.

Snowmobiling can be a thrilling activity, but it also exposes riders to various hazards such as trees, rocks, and other obstacles, as well as the risk of collision with other snowmobiles or vehicles. Helmets can also provide protection against cold weather and other environmental factors, keeping the rider warm and comfortable.

In this guide, we will discuss the different types of snowmobile helmets, their features, and the factors to consider when purchasing a snowmobile helmet, so scroll down and learn some snowmobile helmet basics.

Types of Snowmobile Helmets

Keep on reading to find out more about snowmobile helmets' different styles.

Full-Face Helmets

snowmobile rider

Full-face helmets provide complete coverage of the head, including the chin and jaw. They are the safest type of snowmobile helmet and are ideal for high-speed riding or off-trail adventures. Full-face helmets, as their name suggests, offer complete coverage of the head, including the chin and jaw. Their sleek and aerodynamic design not only provides ample protection, but also offers a cool and stylish look.

With a chin bar that covers the entire face, full-face helmets offer added security against the wind, snow, and other flying debris. Plus, they are equipped with features like adjustable vents, moisture-wicking liners, and scratch-resistant visors that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Modular Helmets

Modular snowmobile helmets, also known as flip-up helmets, offer a good balance of protection and comfort. They have a chin bar that can be lifted for increased ventilation and accessibility, making them a versatile option for riders who enjoy a variety of riding styles.

These helmets are also equipped with a range of features, such as safety certification, lightweight shells, moisture-wicking liners, adjustable vents, and clear visors. While they may not provide the same level of coverage as full-face helmets, they are still a reliable choice for those who want to stay protected while riding.

In addition, the flip-up design of modular helmets makes it easier to communicate with fellow riders, enjoy snacks or drinks, and attend to other needs without having to remove the entire helmet. All in all, modular snowmobile helmets are a great choice for riders who value both safety and convenience.

Open-Face Helmets

Open-face helmets leave the face exposed and are typically lighter and cooler than full-face or modular helmets. They provide less protection and are only recommended for slower or more casual riding.

Features to Look for in a Snowmobile Helmet


If you are planning to buy a helmet for your snowmobile adventures pay attention to these really important factors.

Safety Certification 

Make sure the helmet you choose is certified by a reputable organization, such as DOT or Snell, to ensure that it meets the minimum safety standards. These organizations test helmets to make sure they provide adequate protection.

Shell Material

The shell of a snowmobile helmet should be made from a durable and lightweight material, such as fiberglass or composite materials, to provide adequate protection while reducing fatigue.

Liner and Padding

The liner and padding should be made from moisture-wicking material to keep the rider's head cool and dry. They should also be removable and washable for easy maintenance.


Ventilation is important to keep the rider's head cool and reduce fogging of the visor. Look for a helmet with adjustable vents to regulate airflow and temperature.


The visor should be made from a clear and scratch-resistant material, such as polycarbonate, to provide good visibility and protect the rider's eyes from wind, snow, and debris. It should also be adjustable to accommodate different riding conditions.

Noise Reduction

Snowmobiles are loud, and a helmet with adequate noise reduction can help provide a more enjoyable ride.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Snowmobile Helmet

  • Weight:

When it comes to snowmobile helmets, weight is a crucial factor to consider. A heavy helmet can quickly become fatiguing and cause discomfort, especially during longer rides. On the other hand, a lightweight helmet can reduce neck strain and provide a more comfortable riding experience.

Look for helmets made with lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or polycarbonate. Make sure the helmet feels balanced on your head to ensure proper weight distribution.

  • Style:

Snowmobile helmets come in a range of styles, from full-face to modular, to accommodate different riding preferences and needs. Full-face helmets provide the most protection and are ideal for high-speed and aggressive riding. Modular helmets offer the convenience of a flip-up chin bar for increased ventilation and accessibility.

Other styles, such as open-face or half-shell helmets, may provide less protection but can be a good choice for milder riding conditions.

  • Fit:

A snowmobile helmet that fits properly is crucial for both comfort and safety. An ill-fitting helmet can be uncomfortable, cause neck strain, or even come off in the event of an impact. To ensure a proper fit, measure your head circumference and compare it to the manufacturer's size chart. Try on several helmets to find the one that feels most comfortable and snug.

Remember to account for the type of gear you'll be wearing under the helmet, such as a thick beanie or balaclava. A good fit should allow enough room to wear these items while still providing a secure fit.

  • Air Flow

When it comes to selecting the right snowmobile helmet, air flow should not be overlooked. A helmet with good air flow can help keep you cool and comfortable, even during intense rides in warmer weather. The best helmets will feature vents and channels to allow for adequate air circulation.

You may also want to look for helmets with adjustable vents, so you can regulate the airflow as needed.

Ultimately, a snowmobile helmet with good air flow will help you ride longer and more comfortably, making it an important feature to look for when choosing the right helmet.

Snowmobile vs. Motorcycle Helmet

moto vs snowmobile helmet

While both snowmobile and motorcycle helmets serve a similar purpose, there are several key differences between them.

Snowmobile helmets are designed specifically for cold weather conditions and often feature a built-in breath box to prevent fogging and a chin skirt to keep cold air from entering.

Motorcycle helmets, on the other hand, may not have these features and may not be as warm or as well-suited to cold weather riding.

Additionally, snowmobile helmets often have a larger and more aerodynamic shape to accommodate a rider's goggles and face mask, while motorcycle helmets may have a more compact and streamlined design.

When choosing between a snowmobile and motorcycle helmet, consider the type of riding you'll be doing to ensure you choose a helmet that provides the right level of protection and comfort.

Keeping Your Helmet in Top Condition

smiling kid

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your snowmobile helmet in good condition and ensuring that it provides the protection you need. To keep your helmet looking and functioning its best, start by cleaning it after each use.

Use a gentle soap and water, and avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the helmet's finish or materials. You should also regularly inspect the helmet for signs of wear or damage, and replace the helmet if you notice any cracks or other issues that could compromise its safety.

Store your helmet in a cool, dry place when not in use, as extreme temperatures and moisture can also cause damage over time.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your snowmobile helmet remains in good condition and provides the protection you need on every ride.

Final Word

A snowmobile helmet is an essential piece of gear for anyone who enjoys this winter sport. By understanding the different types, features, and factors to consider when purchasing a snowmobile helmet, you can make an informed decision and stay safe while riding.

I hope this guide will be helpful in your search for the perfect snowmobile helmet.


The best rated snowmobile helmet will usually have certified safety protection, a lightweight design, and good ventilation and comfort features.

When choosing a snowmobile helmet, consider factors such as safety certification, fit, weight, ventilation, and comfort features. It is also important to choose a helmet that fits properly and is appropriate for the type of riding you plan to do.

To keep a snowmobile helmet from fogging up, look for helmets with built-in anti-fog features or use anti-fog sprays. It is also helpful to ensure that the helmet fits properly and is not too tight, as this can cause fogging.

Electric snowmobile helmets are worth it for those who prioritize comfort and convenience. These helmets often have features such as built-in heaters, communication systems, and fans to keep the rider warm and dry. However, they may be more expensive than traditional helmets.

The Best Snowmobile Helmet Is…

In our top 11 list of snowmobile helmets there's one that stands out as the winner. And there are plenty of reasons why the 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber Fidlock 3K is the best helmet. Experienced rider or just starting - it makes no difference: this helmet is sure to make your time on the sleds more enjoyable and safer.

This model has the perfect balance of protection and comfort, with features that set it apart from the rest. It's got a sleek design, with a lightweight construction that makes it easy to wear for hours on end.

All in all, this helmet is a true winner, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best protection on the slopes.

Our #1 Recommendation
1. 509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon 3K Helmet

It was built for riders who demand comfort, control, and confidence in all conditions.

Hand Lay-up 3K Carbon Fiber construction results in a more substantial, lighter weight. Perfect fit with our 509 goggles.

This helmet features a flock chinstrap for easy in and out and offers a Go-Pro mounting option.


9.7out of 10

Author - Anna Kos
Anna Kos          

Snow Gear Product Guru

Anna has been shredding the pow globally from Whistler to Niseko, even hitting the southern Alps in New Zealand. She has been a snowboarder for over 10 years and writes about it from 2017. She is a gear enthusiast, always on a look out for the new equipment to test and try, whether it is a snowboard or ski gear. Anna shares her knowledge as one of our top gear guru's.


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