11 Best Wrist Guards for Snowboarding || 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Check out our 2023 list of best wrist guards for snowboarding! Here at Cheap Snow Gear we've carefully gone through all the options and chosen our top 11 picks! As you know already, wrist injuries are among the most common sports injuries when it comes to snowboarding and other snow activities. In the end, it is wiser to hit on the wallet and go shopping for the wrist protector than to leave your wrists unprotected. Better safe than sorry!

If you care to learn more about this super important part of your snow gear, read on. Our Buyers guide will give you all the info you'll need so you can choose the best wrist guards that are both comfortable and effective. From material and style to flexibility and durability, we've got you covered!

Editors Choice
BURTON Wrist Guards
  • Flexible tapered top splints
  • Soft palm pad
  • Hook-and-loop adjustment
Runner Up
187 KILLER Wrist Guards
  • Angled design
  • Excellent fit
  • Reinforced thumb hole
Best Buy
DAKINE Wrist Guards
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist cinch
  • High durability
  • Quality materials

Top 2023 Wrist Guards for Snowboarding:

Best Protection
BURTON Wrist Guards

Give your kids' wrists the respect they deserve with the stealth protection of the Burton wrist guard.

The sleek, low-profile design easily fits under snowboard gloves and mitts for top-secret security.

Soft padding and easily adjustable hook and loop straps keep them comfortably locked around your wrists. 

9.8out of 10


When it comes to Burton, you are sure you are buying quality gear. The same goes for wrist guards. They are made of flexible materials that allow for a full range of motion, and they feature padding and support to help protect the wrists from impacts and reduce the risk of injury. They are made of durable polyester and have incredible padding. These are the wrist guards that will keep you safe and will minimize the shock in case of a fall.

What We Liked!
  • durable
  • comfortable
  • strong & reliable
What We Didn't Like
  • size up your gloves for more comfy wear

The simple design enables wearing these guards under your snow mittens and gloves and ensures an easy fit. For extra comfort, these guards feature flexible tapered top splints along with hook and loop straps that are super adjustable. Overall, Burton wrist guards are one of the best options for snowboarders and other snow enthusiasts who want to protect their wrists while riding. They are durable, comfortable, and provide a good level of support and protection.

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Most Comfy
2. 187 KILLER Wrist Guards

Angled design conforms to hand for an excellent fit. Reinforced thumb holes increase longevity. 

Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability. The padded interior provides increased comfort.

An extra thick splint gives concentrated protection at the base of the hand where most hard impacts occur. 

9.5out of 10


Well, here the name says it all-these guards are killing it! They will be the right choice not only for snowboarders and skiers but also for skateboarding adventures in the park. These will keep your wrists in place, but allow lots of movement, so you can do tricks and rely on your balance without worrying about what will happen in case of a fall. These wrist braces are made for your safety and are here to minimize potential injuries.

What We Liked!
  • snug fit
  • flexible & supportive
  • comfortable
What We Didn't Like
  • go a size up for a better fit

While wearing these you will feel secure but will also notice how comfortable these guards are (they feature some nice padding). They are made from ballistic nylon and are sure to last. Compared to other wrist guards I would add that these are very cozy and ensure a snug fit (my hands are on the smaller size so I enjoyed the feeling of that tight but cozy grip). I also liked the extra thick splint which made these guards super supportive.

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Most Durable
3. DAKINE Wrist Guards

The great sleek design makes these wrist protectors easy to wear and look incredible at the same time.

Superior materials ensure longevity and firmness.

They fit perfectly & offer supreme protection for your wrists and hands.

9.1out of 10


These wrist guards made of neoprene look super sleek. They have a low-profile design and fit perfectly following your wrist and hand. After a couple of minutes, I forgot I was wearing them, they were super soft and not restricting at all. I am not sure about their performance when it comes to skateboarding but for activities on the snow they were ideal.

I would definitely recommend these for all snow enthusiasts, they are light, grip tightly, and give you freedom in movement. Maybe they are not the best option for some heavy tricks when you can make an awkward fall, but for regular snowboarding fun, they are an amazing choice.

What We Liked!
  • adjustable hook & loop
  • easy fit
  • super comfy & supportive
What We Didn't Like
  • they might be too tight for larger hands



Just like Burton, Dakine is another well-known brand in the snowboarding community and you can expect high-level quality from all Dakine products. The material of these wrist guards' model will give you the needed support and protection for your wrists and will also absorb the shock reducing the risk of a potential injury. They are slim and comfy to wear under almost any glove or mitt, but be sure to try them on in case you find them a bit tight.

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Best Fit
4. CTHOPER Wrist Guard

Made of tough protection pads, this wrist guard will provide protection for your hand and wrist, help relieve pain and swelling and bring you the best palm padding possible.

Adjustable straps for customer fit provide the best wrist support while maintaining a full range of movement of thumb and fingers.

Specially designed wrist wraps help mitigate wrist pain and discomfort; an ideal choice for those who have wrist pain or need to protect their hand, wrist and palm.

Thoughtfully engineered Velcro closure straps help you adjust your wrist wraps for a perfect fit.

9out of 10


These wrist guards from Cthoper are one of the most popular wrist protectors on the market today. I haven't used them before so I was interested to see what it's all about. First of all, they fit nicely and tightly. The robust look made me think they would feel stiff and restricting but that wasn't the case. I really felt like these guards were a part of my snow mittens. Velcro closure straps help you customize the guard and make the fit suitable for your wrist size.

What We Liked!
  • ideal fit
  • multi-sport use
  • Velcro straps
  • Eva foam padding
What We Didn't Like
  • not the most durable material
  • support could be stronger

The design of these guards is nothing spectacular, and is more on the plain side, but this doesn't compromise their main purpose-to protect your wrists. I should mention that one of our test team members had injured his left hand before, during one of our snowboarding trips, and he was the one who immediately noticed how nicely this wrist guard fit his hand making him feel extra protected. They do have an ideal fit and are also thin enough to go under your winter gloves.

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Best Padding
5. BODYPROX Impact Wrist Guards

Flexible ribbing along the top of the wrist and high-density EVA foam padding protect palms from impact.

Our design features a larger padding section than the typical one to cover more surface area.

Two adjustable Velcro closures are positioned on the wrist and across the top of the hand for a snug and personalized fit that stays tightly closed. Features a slim profile so you can wear them under gloves.

8.7out of 10


What we have instantly felt when we put on these Body Prox wrist guards is the padding. It stretches a bit larger than regular wrist protectors and offers more support and comfort. They are also ergonomically designed to fit more naturally following the curves of your wrists and hands.

The materials used are neoprene and polyester which makes these guards super lightweight and easy to wear.

What We Liked!
  • padding
  • lightweight & thin
  • adjustable straps
What We Didn't Like
  • felt a little restrictive around the thumb
  • should size up your gloves

These guards are thin, but feature the strong splint to ensure safety for your wrists and palms. Our colleague noticed the opening for the thumb was a bit rough and hard to wear for longer periods. If you are between sizes, I would recommend opting for a size up. Like most of the guards, these also have adjustable and flexible wrist straps with hook and loop closures. In a nutshell, these guards are reliable, but make sure you try them on before buying to ensure the perfect fit.

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Best for Kids
6. BURTON Kids Wrist Guards

Give your wrists the respect they deserve with the stealth protection of the kids' Burton Impact wrist guard.

The sleek, low-profile design easily fits under snowboard gloves and mitts for top-secret security.

Soft padding and adjustable hook-and-loop straps keep them on in comfort. 

8.6out of 10


Here we have wrist guards designed specifically for youngsters. They are created to ensure protection and support for young snowboarders' wrists. These wrist guards are made with a padded material that absorbs shock and helps to reduce the risk of wrist injuries.

Whether your child is just a beginner or wants to take snowboarding skills to the next level, you should provide them with appropriate safety gear, and these wrist guards are definitely worth your attention.

What We Liked!
  • good protection
  • adjustable straps
  • great padding
What We Didn't Like
  • be careful with the straps adjustments

If you have a younger kid, pay attention when adjusting the straps to ensure the best fit. You shouldn't make it too tight since it might feel too restrictive for your little one. Overall, they are made of good materials and are designed for kids and their comfort and safety.

They feature polyethylene inserts and have hook-and-loop adjustments. These Burton wrist guards are sleek and will go easily under snowboard mitts or gloves. They are also made of polyester to enhance their durability.

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Most Breathable
7. TRIPLE EIGHT Wrist Pads

Triple Eight designed breathable, neoprene Undercover wrist guards to give you the highest level of protection while being slim enough to fit under your snowboard gloves.

Fits underneath most snow gloves and features a lightweight, perforated, neoprene body. 

These wrist guards are ideal for snowboarding.

8.3out of 10


We have found these protectors to be very light and easy to wear. They are made of neoprene and are super breathable and comfy. They feature top & bottom splints which are removable and are in general very easy to put on and take off. These Triple Undercover wrist guards are designed for snowboarders and offer supreme protection from wrist injuries. They are not ideally thin, but you will be able to wear them under almost all snow gloves & mittens.

What We Liked!
  • breathable
  • comfortable
  • sleek design
What We Didn't Like
  • they run a size smaller

Another thing that is crucial when searching for a perfect wrist guard is sturdiness and these protectors will surely pass the test. They are also good for other activities, such as rollerblading or ice skating, so you can use them for those activities as well. One thing though, when it comes to sizing, you should probably try them on first, since we felt they run a size smaller. If you are not sure or if you have bigger hands and wrists, choose one size larger.

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Super Thin
8. SEIRUS INNOVATION Wrist Protection

These Seirus under-glove protection wrist guards slip over your hands and fit inside your gloves or mittens for protection while you snowboard.

Made of super-thin mesh for breathability with plastic wrist and palm supports.

Fits under any glove or mitt and features a technically advanced polymer palm.

8.2out of 10


Seirus Innovation Jam Master Exo guards are the wrist guards a ski instructor recommended to definitely get and try and I didn't regret buying them. I wore them on my last snowboarding trip and they were protecting my hands for 3 days straight. They were comfortable and I would recommend them for all the snow activities. They are a bit big but can be easily readjusted to fit.

What We Liked!
  • stretchy
  • lightweight
  • easy to wear
What We Didn't Like
  • not the most durable construction

What is really good about these guards is the fact how lightweight they are. The extra-thin mesh makes them super breathable and their smooth design makes them ideal for wearing under any glove or mitten. They are also stretchy and easy to put on and they feature plastic wrist and palm supports. All in all, they are technical wrist guards that will do the job whether it is snowboarding, skiing or any other snow sport.

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Super Firm
9. DEMON Snow Wrist Guards

Tough neoprene construction will protect your wrists when you ride with the Demon snow wrist guards.

When you fall snowboarding, it's either your knees, bum, or wrists. But, somehow it seems like your wrists always bear the brunt of the impact.

Make sure your hands and wrists are protected with neoprene Demon wrist protectors that are ideal for winter sports.


8out of 10


When it comes to this brand, we wanted to go with the Demon Flexmeter first since it looked sturdier and more durable, but after wearing it a while we opted for the regular Snow wrist guard as it showed more suited for wearing under the gloves. The Snow wrist protector is made from neoprene and plastic and does a great job of protecting your palms and wrists. They are designed for use in winter sports, but are also a good option for skating as well.

What We Liked!
  • good protection
  • sturdy
  • absorbs shocks
  • nice fit
What We Didn't Like
  • they are somewhat bulky
  • might need to size up your gloves/mitts

These guards are a bit bulky and have a robust construction. This is all good when it comes to protection, but might be a problem with wearing them under tight gloves. So if you opt for these, take into consideration that you might have to get a new pair of roomier gloves so you will feel comfortable. They are also not the most flexible wrist guards, but will keep your wrists safe and protected.

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Best Construction
10. TSG Professional Wrist Guards

TSG Wrist guards are made of sturdy hard shells and removable PE splints with incredible resistance to impacts and abrasions.

Hardshell construction offers ultimate protection from friction-related injuries during a fall or from falls from a great height.

Wrist pads use heavy-duty tear-resistant nylon to withstand the rigors of the game.

7.8out of 10


TSG wrist guards are shaped to fit nicely and follow the ergonomics of your hand shape. This feature makes them comfortable to wear and feel secure at the same time. They are sturdy and the whole construction looks pretty durable and strong. The added pad cushioning gives support and Velcro straps are there to ensure a tight fit. At the same time, these guards are not restrictive and you can move your wrist as you would normally do.

What We Liked!
  • safe & firm
  • follows safety standards
  • pre-shaped design
What We Didn't Like
  • not the best choice for larger hands
  • the leather part on the palm doesn't seem durable enough

The PE splint adds to the safety of these wrist guards and is also removable which makes it really convenient for use. The faux-leather palm pad seems to be not as durable, but it will make it through the season. For adjustment to your fit you have three straps to work with. The top and bottom straps are Velcro straps, and over the wrist goes an amazing 360 degrees middle strap. With these, you are sure to make a tight fit and be confident when on the slopes.

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Best Multi-Use
11. SOARED Protective Gear Wrist

This wrist guard comes with impact - resistant ABS plastic bone shell to provide strong protection for the wrist and palm and an ergonomic design to provide full protection from the palm to the wrist.

Adjustable long-term nylon strap on the palm and wrist for stability and fit, thumb hole for added flexibility, and easy access.

The palm is cushioned with a foam cushion to absorb impact.


7.7out of 10


These Lalatech wrist protectors are a solid option whether you decide to go snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding or roller skating as a beginner. The good cushion foam makes them comfy enough, but the wrist strap isn't super supportive, so I wouldn't recommend it for some high-level snowboarding where you need more support and a tighter fit. They are good to protect your hands from scratches and are breathable, lightweight and easy to put on.

What We Liked!
  • easy to wear
  • lightweight
  • widely used
  • good for beginners
What We Didn't Like
  • run a size smaller
  • not super supportive

One of the things we really liked is how non-restrictive these are. They allow for lots of movement and are easy to wear. They are not spectacular in any department but are good for protecting from some moderate impact. The plastic parts do not seem very durable and the straps do not provide the best tightening. In conclusion, we would say that these are a solid option for some casual everyday use.

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Buyers Guide: How To Choose Wrist Guards and Why Are They Important?


When preparing for a snowboarding trip it is important to get equipment that you can rely on. Cold mountains and harsh weather can only make the situation worse if you get hurt. That is the main reason why it is essential to have the gear that will make you safe and protected.

Since wrist injuries are the most common snowboarding injury there is no doubt that wrist protectors are a must item that you shouldn't forget to bring along with you.

Types of Wrist Guards

We can divide wrist guards into these groups:
  • Sports Wrist Guards: designed to protect the wrist in sports such as snowboarding, rollerblading and skating.
  • Articulated Wrist Guards: designed for the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Impact Wrist Guards: designed to absorb shock from falls and impacts.
  • Fashion Wrist Guards: stylish guards made from leather or metal, which provide additional protection but are also an attractive fashion accessory.
  • Weightlifting Wrist Wraps: designed to provide extra stability for wrists when lifting weights.

When it comes to snowboarding and the specifics that come with it, we can talk about these types of wrist protectors:

diff types
  • Splint: A splint is a rigid, usually metal brace that fits over the wrist and inside the snowboard glove.
  • Flexible support: A flexible support is a wrist wrap that can wrap around the wrist and be adjusted for comfort or protection. Most flexible supports come with padding to help protect the wrist from injuries or sprains.
  • Biomex wrist guards: These guards are designed to keep wrists from bending too far in either direction, reducing the risk of injury. They are made from durable plastic and foam, and provide more support than splints or flexible supports, but may be uncomfortable for some snowboarders.

Choosing the Right Size and Fit

sizing your wrist guards

When choosing the right size and fit for snowboarding wrist guards, it is important to measure your hand and wrist circumference in order to get the correct size. Most snowboard wrist guards come in a variety of sizes, with the majority ranging from small to extra-large (XS to XXL). Look for a wrist protector that fits the right way, not too tightly or too loose. When trying on a wrist guard, you should be able to move your hands freely, but also have enough support to keep your wrists in place.

Basically, what you need to do is find the right balance between tight and loose feel. This is why it is recommended to go shopping where you can try them on to see how your hand and wrist move. Always think about your gloves as well, since you will probably need a size bigger than your regular size if you want to wear your wrist protectors under your gloves.

Snowboarding Wrist Guards Materials

Snowboarding wrist guards are typically made of either plastic or neoprene. Plastic guards tend to be more rigid and offer more protection, while neoprene guards are more flexible and provide more comfort.

Both materials are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for a wide range of snowboarding activities. Snowboarding wrist guards are typically made out of durable fabric, foam padding, and plastic clips or buckles to secure the guard to your wrist. Some guards also feature removable cushioning to ensure the best level of protection.

The materials used in these guards should be breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking to ensure comfort and flexibility while snowboarding.

Depending on the brand and type of product, you can also find guards with additional reinforcement for extra protection.

Factors to Consider

From design to features, there are lots of factors to take into consideration when deciding which wrist protector would make a perfect choice, but some are more important than others.

wrist guard construction

Here are our top 7 factors to think about before making a purchase:

  • Fit: Make sure the wrist guard fits comfortably around your wrist and allows for enough flexibility in movement and grip.

  • Support: Ensure that the wrist guard provides enough support for your wrists during any activity.

  • Liners: Check to see if liners are removable.

  • Waterproof: It would be nice if your wrist protectors were made from a waterproof material (because if they aren't waterproof, if they get, they will also become super cold very fast).
  • Durability: Look for wrist guards with high-quality materials that will last you a long time and won’t need to be replaced often.
  • Breathability: Make sure the material allows air to circulate around your wrists, so you don’t become too hot or uncomfortable while snowboarding.
  • Cost: Consider the budget you have available to purchase the wrist guards and look for a product that is within your price range but still provides the protection you need.

What to Look for in a Quality Wrist Guard?

When shopping for a quality wrist guard, look for one that is made of durable, breathable material that is designed to provide maximum protection and cushioning. Additionally, look for braces that offer adjustable straps for a secure fit, as well as foam inserts for extra comfort. Lastly, consider the type of activities the wrist guard will be used for and purchase one that offers the appropriate level of support and protection.

Care and Maintenance Tips

taking care of a wrist guard

Taking care of your wrist protectors is crucial because this is how you keep them in a good condition so they can function in order to protect you while snowboarding.

Follow these tips to make sure your wrist guards are in great shape:

1. Make sure to inspect your wrist guards before each snowboarding session to ensure proper fit and no visible signs of wear and tear.

2. Clean your wrist guards after each use with mild soap and water. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaners as this can break down the material of the guards.

3. Store your wrist guards in a cool, dry place between uses.

4. Regularly inspect your wrist guards for any tears or loose stitching that could compromise their structural integrity.

5. Replace any worn-out wrist guards immediately and seek professional advice if you are unsure of when or if replacements are necessary.

Should You Wear Your Snowboarding Wrist Guard Over or Under Gloves?

It's usually best to wear your snowboarding wrist guard under gloves. Wearing it over gloves can make it difficult to get your gloves on and off, as well as reduce the protection that the wrist guard provides.

Wrist guards should not be worn over your gloves as this will limit your dexterity and make it difficult to grip your snowboard. When wearing a wrist guard, make sure that the straps are fastened securely before donning gloves over the top.

Conclusion: Why Should Snowboarders Wear Wrist Guards?

falling on hands

There is an obvious reason for wearing wrist guards - protecting your wrists from injuries. Snowboarders should wear wrist guards in order to protect themselves from sprains, strains and wrist fractures.

Wrist guards help prevent you from over-rotating your wrists while turning, or catching an edge or a lip in the snow.

Snowboarders should wear wrist guards to protect their wrists from injury in the event of a fall. Wrist guards provide additional support and cushioning, helping to absorb the shock of impacts and reduce the risk of getting hurt. Wrist guards also help protect the palms of the hands from getting scraped when falling on the slopes.


To protect your wrists when snowboarding, it is best to wear wrist guards. Wrist guards are specially designed to offer support and protection for your wrists so that you can enjoy a safe time on the slopes. Additionally, it is important to warm up before starting your snowboarding session to reduce the chance of injury. Lastly, take rest breaks when needed and make sure to stay within your skill level.

Yes, wrist guards are worth it. They may help to protect your wrists from repetitive stress injuries, reduce the risk of fractures and sprains, and may even help to improve your performance. However, it is important to make sure that you purchase the right size, type, and style of wrist guard for your activity and skill level.

The most common snowboarding injury is a wrist fracture. This occurs when a rider falls and is unable to stop their fall with their hands, causing them to land on an outstretched arm. Other common injuries include ACL/MCL tears, shoulder separations, concussions and head injuries.

When choosing a wrist guard, consider your activity level and the level of support you need. If you are an avid skateboarder or inline skater, you'll want a guard that offers more support and protection for your wrists, such as a velcro wrap-around style guard. If you spend most of your time outdoors and just want something to cushion falls, a simple slide-on wrist guard may be all you need. Be sure to choose a quality wrist guard that is comfortable to wear and will help protect you from injury.

Yes, wrist guards can help to prevent wrist injuries. A wrist guard is an item of protective equipment worn by a wide variety of people, particularly in contact sports such as roller skating and skateboarding. Wrist guards help to support the wrist and provide protection against sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations.

The Best Wrist Guard Is…

The first place on our list of the best wrist guards goes to Burton wrist protectors. Not only do they look sleek and feature a minimalistic design, but they also offer great protection and follow safety guidelines. Burton Impact wrist guards provide amazing support for your wrists and palms giving you the confidence you need when on the slopes.   

With amazing construction, perfect fit and under-glove wear compatibility, these Burton snowboarding wrist guards will make a perfect companion and a great addition to your snow equipment. Feel free to shred the mountain and do tricks and jumps knowing that your wrists are secure and protected! Safety is crucial when it comes to snowboarding, and with these wrist guards you will be “in safe hands” (pun intended).

Our #1 Recommendation
BURTON Wrist Guards

Give your wrists the respect they deserve with the stealth protection of the Burton wrist guard.

The sleek, low-profile design easily fits under snowboard gloves and mitts for top-secret security.

Soft padding and easily adjustable hook and loop straps keep them comfortably locked around your wrists. 

9.8out of 10

Author - Anna Kos
Anna Kos          

Snow Gear Product Guru

Anna has been shredding the pow globally from Whistler to Niseko, even hitting the southern Alps in New Zealand. She has been a snowboarder for over 10 years and writes about it from 2017. She is a gear enthusiast, always on a look out for the new equipment to test and try, whether it is a snowboard or ski gear. Anna shares her knowledge as one of our top gear guru's.


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