Are Bamboo Base Layers Good?

It is usually perceived as being synonymous with sustainable ideals, but now bamboo fabrics are being heralded as the textile of the future - thanks to technological advancements. Bamboo is a type of wood that is sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly. As a result, it is now the new staple in sustainable textile manufacturing, ranging from garments to furniture. 

There are two main reasons why the textile industry is seeing a dramatic impact on bamboo textile production.

First, bamboo is grown in nearly two hundred countries, making it a promising alternative to cotton, which is grown in roughly thirty-five countries. Second, bamboo requires less water, land, and is less pesticide-dependent than cotton.

If you are looking for some base layers to wear during your workouts or in cold weather, keep on reading. We are going to explore the different synthetic materials and different fabrics such as bamboo.

This article explores the benefits associated with bamboo base fabric. When you wear a base layer it is sustainable and eco-friendly. We will explain all about this base layer in this article.

What are Bamboo Clothing Base Layers? 

A base layer is the thin piece of fabric that you wear to provide warmth, support, and moisture control next to your skin. One of the popular base layers is bamboo because it's so thin and comfortable. Bamboo base are natural and long-lasting. Pretty amazing this plant can be used for so many things including thermal underwear huh.

These base layers have a soft feel and are not itchy like other fabrics on the skin. Like cotton, bamboo is grown in countries like China, India, Peru, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Unlike cotton, bamboo has the added benefit of being more durable. 

Bamboo materials are also more breathable, which makes them perfect for exercising. Bamboo bases are a great option for people who want to reduce their impact on the environment and save money. 

What is Bamboo Base Layer Made of? Is it Better Than Merino Wool?

Bamboo-based clothing is a new form of eco-friendly clothing. The good news is that the base layers of bamboo clothing items are 100% biodegradable and environmentally sound. They are typically synthetic base layers, made of rayon or viscose that is organic polyester, which is derived from bamboo plants. 

a guide to base layers

Therefore, bamboo bases, a synthetic base layer are more sustainable than cotton ones. In addition, this natural material is inherently anti-bacterial. This prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria that can cause serious infections.

Now you might be wondering how a silk or merino base layer, not a synthetic base layer,  holds up against bamboo. The merino base layer is not synthetic base layers. A merino base layer and bamboo base are very different products. Both products are excellent at insulating the body against cold and heat, but the merino wool base layer and bamboo base differ in other areas. 

For instance, bamboo base are often packaged in a box, while a merino wool base layer comes in a plastic bag. The merino base layers and bamboo base also differ in their cost and durability. 

Many merino brands are now adding synthetic fibres such as nylon to the weave in order to increase the garment's resistance to pick holes and tears, thereby lengthening their lifespan. 

How to Properly Wash and Care for Your Bamboo Base Layers?

When it comes to base layers, the most important thing is to wash them often. When it comes to bamboo base, you should wash them every time you wear them. Bamboo is a natural fiber and will take some time to break in. So while you're breaking in your base layers, make sure to wash them often. 

The more you wash them, the softer and more comfortable they will feel on your body. The more you break in your base layers, the less likely they will shrink and the more likely they will stay in shape. It's important to never wash your bamboo layering top with your other clothes because they will get tangled and damaged. You should always wash your bamboo clothing separately. Hand wash your bamboo base in cold water and use mild laundry detergent to clean it properly. Always wash your bamboo base after wear.

Is Bamboo Base Layer Fabric Good for Workout Clothing?

what is a base layer

It is said that Bamboo is one of the best fabrics that you can find to use for workout clothing because it is built to keep you cool and comfortable. Bamboo clothing is also said to help promote good blood flow. Since bamboo is seen as a green fabric, many people hope that the fabric will be the answer to all of our eco-friendly gym clothing needs. However, not all fabrics are created equal. Bamboo is often touted for its versatility, breathability, and design benefits. They are often praised for their ability to wick away sweat and were originally designed to be worn in places where people sweat heavily. Bamboo fibers breathe and grip well, meaning you will remain cool and dry during your workout. The fibers are also naturally occurring, so there is no need for any harmful dyes or special chemicals.

Are Bamboo Base Layers Good? Benefits of Bamboo Base Layers

It is important to provide the best comfort for yourself and your loved ones. When it comes to staying comfortable and warm during the winter, one of the best ways to do so is using bamboo base. A surprising aspect of bamboo clothing is the number of benefits it offers.

First, clothes made from bamboo tops can help regulate body temps easier than typical clothing, especially in cold weather. Second, they provide the warmth and comfort that is needed for cold days and keep the wearer feeling dry and clean during the day. Third, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Sometimes people just want to wear something that is not covered in brand logos and such. So, this is also a bonus.

Fourth, they are not an animal byproduct, they save on the use of chlorine, they save on water consumption, and they are not harmful to the environment. Bamboo is often touted for its versatility, breathability, and design benefits. They are often praised for their ability to wick away sweat and were originally designed to be worn in places where people sweat heavily.  So, here are a variety of benefits when it comes to wearing bamboo base, and here are some to consider bamboo base as:

  1.   Antibacterial and odor resistant
  2.   Providing a soft and luxurious feel against the skin
  3.   An excellent fabric for moisture-wicking and breathability
  4.   Not only soft and warm but also strong and durable
  5.   Eco-friendly, which is good for the environment


how to choose base layer

A bamboo base is a must-have for anyone who does a lot of physical activity or lives in cold climates. 

We hope you were able to learn a little bit more about why a bamboo base is a great option for you and how it can benefit you. 

If you have any further questions about the benefits of the bamboo base, feel free to contact us.


  1.   Is bamboo base warm?

What makes bamboo the ideal material for creating base layers is that it is extremely breathable, allowing maximum airflow into your skin. 

This is an essential part of keeping your body warm. So, the bamboo base is the warmest product available on the market today.

  1.   Do bamboo clothes smell?

Bamboo is a soft and smooth fiber that doesn’t contain lanolin and is completely free of any odors. Depending on the treatment and the type of yarn, bamboo fibers can range from smelling like grass to smelling like cotton!

  1.   What is better wool or bamboo?

Bamboo is just as warm as wool. It is also naturally antibacterial, warm in the winter, cool in the summer. If that weren't enough, it is more renewable than any other fiber on Earth.

  1.   Is bamboo fabric warm or cool?

When it is cold, thin fibers can breathe. Due to the thin fibers of bamboo, it “breathing” of the thin fibers of bamboo fabric is fast, automatically adjusts the temperature of the human body, thereby mitigating warm cold.

  1.   What is the best base layer material for cold weather?

Bamboo is one of the best materials for base layer clothing, especially in cold conditions. It won't make you chilly or obstruct your circulation. Just ensure that the thermal layer is tight to your body.

  1.   Is bamboo as good as Merino wool base layers?

This depends on what you are looking to gain from both fabrics. Merino wool can be scratchy and it doesn't wick moisture nearly as well as bamboo. 

Bamboo is 100% rayon. So, compared to Merino wool, bamboo contains properties that will absorb moisture up to 35%. 

Also, Merino wool is the best insulator available for clothing, but the only reason merino wool is the best is that it is the best at retaining moisture, which is why merino wool can be worn all year round even in the coldest of climates. 

However, is not the warmest R-value of the fabrics, but it is by far the most comfortable, even when wet.

Author - Fred Felton
Fred Felton          

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Fred Felton is a copywriter, editor and social media specialist based in Durban, South Africa. He has over 20 years of experience in creating high end content. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Currently Fred specialises in the winter outdoors space, focussing on skiing and snowboarding. He is also a keynote speaker and has presented talks and workshops in South Africa.


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