Camouflage Hoodie / Mens Camo Hoodies : Is Camo The Latest Trend?

When it comes to casual modern clothing, hoodies are particularly popular. Since these are usually unisex, they are equally popular among men and women. While hoodies are not a new type of clothing and have been around since over two decades, they still happen to be a common favorite. Now the latest trend seems to have swung to camo sweatshirts... If you are one of those who love this type of casual clothing, it may be a great idea for you to buy a camo hoodie

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When it comes to the older types, urban hoodies happen to be the most popular. This is the type that originated in the 1980's. Their commencement is often attributed to hip hop music, since several hip hop artists were often seen wearing these. To date, urban hoodies are a favorite among teenagers. These are extremely loose-fitted. Usually, these are in the form of oversized jackets and are defined by large pockets on the front. Most of these also have long strings attached around the hood.

Skate hoodies are also among the older types. These are very similar to urban hoodies, except that they are not as large and loose as them. These are featured by an oversized hood and a single front pocket, which is usually situated in the center. Unlike urban hoodies that come in all colors, skate hoodies are usually available in dark colors and also come as camouflage hoodie mens and womens styles.

Moving on to modern types of hoodies, fur-lined hoodies are very popular. These have been around since a few years only and are considered as one of the best types of trendy winter clothes. These are featured by a lot of fur around the hood, which is usually of a darker color than the fur. Also, these jackets are mostly made of leather, which is why they can be complemented by long boots.

Sleeveless hoodies are also becoming readily popular now. Naturally, as the name suggests, these may simply be skate or urban hoodies without sleeves. However, because of their unique features, they are usually classified as a separate type. These are not overly large and are usually made to fit comfortably. Sleeveless hoodies happen to be ideal for working out.

If you want to blend in on the urban streets you may want to look for a black, white and grey ladies / mens camo hoodie rather than the standard green with brown camouflage sweater mens. Happy hoodie hunting!

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