How Sunglasses Work | How Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes

Today’s number one accessories are sunglasses. Today, they are worn by many people all around the world. They come in many styles, colors, shapes, and different ranges of quality. But the main purpose of the sunglasses is besides being stylish but to protect your eyes from UV rays.

The System Of The Sunglasses Protection

One of the most important topics in the modern world is how to protect ourselves from bar ultraviolet radiation that comes from the Sun directly. This is because the Ozon layer of the atmosphere is getting more and more damaged every day, by bad pollution from the air. 

In order to stay healthy, you have to protect your skin from UV radiation, but as well, you have to protect your eyes from UV rays, too.

The best way to do that is by wearing sunglasses every time when you are outside. This is because well-made sunglasses have lenses with UV protection.

Adequate UV protection will lower the chance of macular degeneration, and eye damage by the sun’s UV rays. This is because sunglass lenses are made of special types of glass that reduce the quantity of bright light that comes in touch with your eyes. 

The risk of getting any of these eye damages is much more reduced if you are wearing sunglasses with the right UV protection. So, in order to protect your vision let’s discuss how sunglasses are giving you protection.

What is UV Radiation and How Does It Harm Your Eyes?

To all of you who wear sunglasses or thinking about getting a pair for yourself, in this article you will find out about all of the advantages of having sunglasses and how to know if your sunglasses are enough protection from UV rays (UVA rays and UVB rays), bright lights, and eye damage. 

how sunglasses work

There are three types of sun’s rays that come to the Eart: ultraviolent radiation, visible light, and infrared radiation. The difference between those three is in the length of the rays. 

UV radiation is a component of solar radiation. There are three types of UV radiation, too: UVA rays, UVB rays, and UVC rays. For eyesight, the important ones are UVA and UVB rays. There are several ways how UV rays can affect and damage our vision if we do not use UV protection. The most common are macular degeneration, vision loss, cataract, surfer’s eye, pterygium, eye cancer, photokeratitis, etc. 

The Anatomy Of Sunglasses And How They Protect You

The basic anatomy of sunglasses is very simple. There is a frame, lenses, temples, and bridge. 

When you connect all of these together, there you have sunglasses. Read about who invented sunglasses here. Today, there is a variety of types of sunglasses. Based on materials used for frames, there are plastic sunglasses, metal sunglasses, etc. Based on materials used for lenses, there are plastic sunglasses, sunglasses made of glass, etc. 

what are sunglasses really doing for your eyes

In basic, sunglasses protect your eyes because they are stopping UV rays, bright light to come in touch with your eyes. There are several layers of coating in your sunglasses that protect you from eye damage. 

There is UV coating, this is the most important component of sunglasses. This layer protects your eyes from UV damage, just like sunscreen protects your skin. UV coating can be added like it is the case with plastic lenses, or can already exist like it is the case with polycarbonate lenses. 

Next is mirror coating. This coating protects your eyes from UV rays too, but it is applied in the front of the lenses and protects you by reflecting UV light. That is why it is called mirror coating. 

Also, there is an anti-reflective coating. This coating is there to give you a much clearer picture, by stoping light from reflecting off the back coats of your lenses. 

Color Tint, Does It Matter?

So when most of us choose to wear sunglasses, we are thinking darker tints, better protection from UV exposure. But this is not true. The level of UV protecting a pair of sunglasses has does not have anything to do with the color of the tints. This is because the chemicals used for UV light protection are transparent. 

sunglasses protect your eyes

But there is a reason to think about the color of your sunglass lenses next time you are purchasing one, not only as a matter of stylish accessory, but every tints color has a different purpose. 

Brown tints are great to block blue lights and reduce glare. They are best to wear on cloudy days because they can increase contrast and visual sharpness.

Grey tints are the best choice for driving since they pander eyes to picture colors in their purest form. They reduce bright light and glare. 

Orange tints are a smart choice for snow activities. They can increase contrast in hazy, foggy, or low-light conditions.

Red tints are for situations where you have to wear sunglasses for a long time. They are more appealing to the eyes. Also, they block blue lights and reduce glare, so they also can be a good choice for driving.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are so beloved by the sportsman. This is because they protect your eyes, not only from UV rays and bright light but also from polarized light, like the one that comes from a water suitcase or is reflected from snow. Those who wear polarized sunglasses have much clearer vision in any weather circumstances. 

Polarized lenses have special chemicals applied to them to filter the lights. Because of these chemicals, the picture you see through polarized lenses is a little bit darker than through other kinds of sunglasses. Because of the special technique of blocking bright lights, where all the lenses block all the horizontal light, the image you see is also much clearer and sharper. So it is great to use polarized sunglasses, not only when it is winter and you are playing sports, but also for fishing, camping, golfing, cruising, and other outdoor occasions. 


protecting your eyes

When purchasing sunglasses it is important to know how they work, because of the UV exposure your eyes have on a daily basis. Sun protection is important for your eyes because ultraviolet radiation can cause macular degeneration and vision loss. When talking about sunlight, there are several types of rays that come to earth. There are sun’s ultraviolet radiation, visible light, and infrared radiation. So when it comes to eye health, it is best to choose sunglasses with proper protection for your eyes, to keep your eyes healthy. 

When talking about lenses and the color of the tints, it doesn’t matter for UV protection, but every color has different advantages in different situations.

Question Time

What type of sunglasses protects your eyes the best?

Which type of sunglasses is the best for protecting your eyes depends on individual situations, such as how harsh is the glare, whether you're driving or not, and what form of activity is involved.

Most sunglasses use either polarized or non-polarized lenses. Polarized lenses use polarizing filters to block out harmful rays of light that reflect off the ground and into the eyes. Most cyclists wear polarized lenses since they block the speeding road from their vision.

Non-polarized lenses, on the other hand, look clearer and have a wider range of vision. These lenses are ideal for everyday wear and for outdoor activities such as jogging and golfing.

Do cheap sunglasses protect from UV?

Yes! In short, there is no such thing as a "cheap" pair of sunglasses. Your eyes are important, and the protection provided by an item of eyewear depends much upon how it is made, not what it is made from.

In fact, when it comes to sunglasses, the brand certainly influences the price. Consider buying your glasses online, for instance, from websites such as GlassesUSA, where you can find numerous reputable brands. This way, you're investing in quality that guarantees durability and protection, which can be economical in the long run.

There's a lot going on in a pair of sunglasses between the frame and the lens. It becomes crucial to understand these intricacies when buying glasses online. Platforms like GlassesUSA offer a wide range of brands and styles, and understanding these options can help you realize why an investment in a higher-quality pair can be cost-effective in the long run.

Does sunglasses protect your eyes from the computer?

Yes, it can do. The light emitted by computer screens can cause various problems to our eyes, such as dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, mild headache, etc. But do not worry about it, as long as you wear sunglasses.

All you need to do is wear sunglasses during computer work. However, it is not suitable for people who wear glasses. Solar radiation is the main cause of degeneration. 

Computer screens can emit harmful rays to our skin, and the amount of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the screen reaches up to 70%. The harmful radiation can accelerate cells aging, increase the risk of skin cancer, the formation of freckles, etc.

How can I protect my eyes from the computer screen?

According to a recent study, optical radiation from the computer screen is a potential cause of vision loss. So, to protect your eyes it is important to take a break from computer usage so your eyes can rest from the constant flow of visual images.

In addition, you can buy special glasses which can filter harmful rays from computer screens. Also, you can use a pair of glasses that will help to create a comfortable distance from the computer and reduce the number of harmful rays.

Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
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