How To Clean Ski Goggles : The Right Way

This article focuses on inner lens care for your snow goggle and how to clean snowboard goggles / ski goggles – the right way.

how to clean ski goggles properlyAll snow / ski goggles include a dual lens currently and what that pertains to as an outer lens and an inside lens which can be bonded or adhered together. What this does is give a thermal barrier between the 2 lenses. That way you have two your elements on the outside of the goggle which can be very-very cold and the warmth out of your body and the moisture maintaining these two separated casting off the possibilities for fog.

Generally, all goggles will come with a lens protector on the back. Please get rid of that before you use it. That is there to protect and elongate the anti-fog propriety prior to you getting it on mountain to use. So in case of a crash you are going to need to filter out the lens with plenty of the moisture and snow. It is advisable to constantly keep your goggle facing upwards to ensure that any new snow or moisture ingress does not land on the back of the lens.

We will discuss further how to clean ski goggles… read on… What you're going to do at first, is gently bang the goggle in your hand to remove any moisture on the back of the lens. If you don’t remove that moisture you are going to get small crystal buildup and while you go to wash the lens with your micro bag it could happen that you scratch or damage the back anti-fog property. So gently block the back of the lens with the micro bag taking away all of that moisture. You want to make sure that you do not rub it. After you got rid of the moisture off the back of the lens, you're going to want to let the goggle dissipate. Let the air and the moisture clear out. Two things you can do indoors is set it on the desk and allow it to take a seat to air out. Or if you're caught outside, just keep the goggle with the face up to be certain that no additional moisture hits the back of the lens.

super clean snowboard gogglesOnce your lens is absolutely cleared of your entire moisture while you go to put this back onto you head or helmet, you’ll want to be sure that your helmet is completely away from any snowpack or any moisture. You don't want to position the goggle onto your head after you may have cleaned it with all that moisture and again construct that product up with moisture and promote fogging…. And you will have to start cleaning your ski goggles over again!

This is the scenario anytime you want to take a break, you are going to wish to be certain you do not put that goggle in your head while you take it off. Not on your helmet where it might be some snowpack or maybe some moisture. So you are going to want to take the goggle off put it on the desk enable the air and the moisture to dissipate. As you put the goggle down and in case you notice any type of moisture or snow on the goggle, just make sure to take a micro bag, block the lens to clear out that moisture, gently dispose of any kind of snowpack and then enable the goggle to position on the table and air dry.

So if you are finished for the day and you’re done skiing or snowboarding and dried your goggles out, typically you are going to store the product in the micro bag completely. One small little tip is going to be leaving the strap outside the goggle bag. That will extend the lifetime of the product and not damage the anti-fog of the lens.

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