Is Snowboarding An Expensive Sport?

Snowboarding is a sport that is enjoyed by many people. It’s not necessarily an expensive sport. All you need is a board and boots. The cost will vary depending on your geographic location, equipment type, and your style.

Snowboard gear can be expensive, but it will last for many seasons. And the sport itself is highly accessible. The runs are usually free to use, and people can find beginner slopes to learn on without paying anything. The sport is really cheap to get into, but to get your own gear can cost a lot. Snowboarding cost can add up, but it doesn't need to. Please read our guide below to find out how expensive of a sport snowboarding is.

It’s never too late to start snowboarding – but people forget to be prepared to invest some time and money. Once you’ve got the snowboarding gear, you’re set for a lifetime of snowboarding.

The Cost Of A Snowboard

Snowboarders all around the world have a love for this sport. Whether they are a beginner or a pro, they all have a passion for snowboarding.

However, there is a cost to be a snowboarder. Goods that are needed to snowboard are skis, snowboard boots, ski poles, and a quality snowboard. There is no set price for equipment costs. To get started, the thing a snowboarder needs is a board. One of the most expensive parts of snowboarding is the board itself.

snowboard in winter

The cost of a perfect snowboard can range anywhere from $150 to $500. It's difficult to give the exact cost of a snowboard because there are different types of snowboards. Snowboards for beginners start at around $150 while pro snowboards can cost in the $500+ range.

The cost of the snowboard is inversely proportional to its quality in most cases. If you're an intermediate rider, you can get away with a cheaper snowboard or even a used snowboard because you're not doing any high-level tricks. If you're a pro rider, you want an expensive snowboard to handle the quality of your tricks. There is also the option of buying a used snowboard if you're on a tight budget. A used snowboard will save you a ton of money.

The Cost Of Snowboarding Gear And Accessories

Accessories are the final part of the setup process for anyone who is snowboarding. Without them, you are either going to be riding your snowboard barefoot or with gloves that are not designed for the task. Cost varies for all snowboarding accessories depending on the location, time of year, and snowboarding equipment. Items like gloves are available in different lengths, materials, and prices.

A snowboarder might be surprised by the cost of buying equipment when they go to purchase them. The cheapest snowboard helmet that one can purchase for example is around $30 at most ski resorts, with some styles costing up to $100. Snowboard boots can be bought at most resorts for $130-$150 for the most basic style.

Boardbags cost $100-$200 for the most basic styles at ski shops. A snowboarder can easily spend upwards of $500 on new gear at a ski resort. Snowboard clamps cost $15-$50 at retail price, and something like a snowboard jacket is $150-$400.

When it is all said and done, it is easy to see how one might spend $5000-$15000 on the right gear.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Snowboard Boots & Snowboard Gear

Before you buy brand new equipment, there are more than a couple things to consider. You'll want to consider the equipment for your skill level and your body type (don't rule out used gear to save money!). It's important to know how to use the equipment and find the right size and right type for your needs and abilities.

The first thing you'll want to consider is what you're looking for in the equipment. If you're a beginner, you may want to choose something that is easier to control and you'll want to choose a lighter board that will be easier to maneuver. If you are an experienced snowboarder who loves to freestyle, you are going to need higher quality gear than if you are an intermediate snowboarder who only enjoys cruising down the mountain.

Snowboard bindings are also important. If cost is a major issue for you, then look into renting gear. However, the most important aspects of buying snowboarding gear is safety even when trying to save money. Snowboarding gear should always be personalized with sizing and measurements in order to ensure the best fit.


The Cost Of Learning How To Snowboard At Ski Resorts

Many people learn to snowboard for fun or to compete in alpine snowboard competitions. Some people learn to snowboard so they can work for ski resorts. But one of the most cited reasons people learn how to snowboard is because they enjoy the thrill of snowboarding.

There are so many different skills to master while snowboarding which makes the sport so exciting. However, it is important to be aware of the cost of learning to snowboard. Learning to snowboard can be expensive since snowboard gear, lessons, snowboard bindings, and time are all required. On a snowboarding trip, snowboarding lessons can be an expensive venture. The cost of hiring an instructor can range from $75 to $100.

Lessons from a high-profile instructor might be upwards of $150 per hour while group lessons from a local teacher might be about half that. In general, the cost of learning how to snowboard will depend on your instructor and how long you want your lessons to last. Instructional snowboarding lessons on videos can also be used to teach you how to snowboard. The cost for a high-quality instructional snowboard video is about $20.


Snowboarding is an activity that you can enjoy all throughout the winter months. It's a great way to stay active during the cold winter season. It's also fun to show off your tricks to your friends and compete against them on a snowboarding trip. Snowboarding is a sport that is often perceived as expensive. This is because of the equipment and the accessory prices.

For some people, the investment is worth it for their desire to stay in shape or have fun with their friends. However, it doesn't need to be this way. If you know where to go and what to do, you can save money and stay within your budget. The key is to research your options, know your budget, and remember that even if your budget is small, you can still enjoy snowboarding.

snowboarding in a competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Snowboarding So Expensive?

Snowboarding comes with its own set of snowboard equipment. Just the board alone can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention other protective safety gear and hidden costs.

Making snowboarding expensive. If you want to snowboard for fun, this equipment will be necessary. But don't let snowboarding cost deter you. There are good deals to be found which can cut costs.

Is Snowboarding More Expensive Than Skiing?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person, but in general, snowboarding is cheaper than skiing. Skiing and snowboarding have similar cost though.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Snowboarding?

According to the National Ski and Snowboard Retailers Association, most people can learn to snowboard in just a few days at a ski resort.

Of course, if you already have a basic understanding of how to ride a skateboard or a bike, you'll probably be a little bit more advanced.

However, with a few lessons from a qualified instructor, you should be off at the ski resorts on the bunny hill in no time!

How Do People Afford Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is one of the most expensive sport. Snowboarding gear cost $300- $5000+. You'll need goggles, gloves/mittens, vents, snowboard boots, bindings, snowboard pants, snowboard jacket, helmet, boards, and top sheets. To save a few bucks people buy used gear from thrift stores or if on a snowboarding trip they will use the same snowboard as a friend.

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