Best 5 Student Ski Trips in Europe

Even though the majority of students can only dream of visiting Europe's amazing ski spots, there are still certain destinations that can be booked as a group during your academic break or even visited individually if you are an exchange student.

The good news is that you can enjoy special discounts for students or save funds for booking purposes, depending on your location.

Of course, "cheap" is never the word when it comes to breathtaking locations, yet if you are determined to make things work.

Make sure that you take time to explore these ski spots that will be an ideal choice for students.


Interlaken (Switzerland)

student ski trips

It is a great spot for those who also love the mountains and the beautiful views in one of the best places for skiing worldwide. Even though the Jungfrau region is far from being cheap, it offers various low-rate offers for students and even a free bus to take you to the slopes. If you want to experience the Swiss Alps in all their beauty, it's the way to go! You can also enjoy good Internet access and learn by approaching plagiarism free essay writer online to manage all of your academic challenges as you visit during the times beyond holidays. It will be even cheaper then and instantly become affordable even for students.

St. Anton (Austria)

It has all the best elements of Austrian skiing culture, with endless slopes and breathtaking views. As you book your ski trip here, you can enjoy over 200 miles of slopes that range by difficulty level and then have a rest at the affordable guest houses. It’s also a great, affordable, and student-friendly location, with professional skiing instructors on board!

Chamonix (France)

If you are a student on a budget, it's the best location to consider in Europe. The reason for that is the presence of chalet buildings that won't cost a fortune. The chances are high that you have already heard about Mont Blanc before, as it's one of the locations that offer a second-to-none skiing experience. You can also send postcards and learn more here regarding what souvenirs to consider when your budget is tight. Make sure to talk to the locals as well to learn more about the local traditions! It will also help you have a great cultural and culinary experience!

Zermatt (Switzerland).

This spot is famous for being free of cars, which makes it a quiet location. Located between Switzerland and Italy, it's one of those places where many university students tend to spend a weekend or even celebrate birthdays, as it's a great and friendly place. A language barrier will not be problematic either, yet it's better to explore TheWordPoint review and see what kind of translation help you may get.

This way, you can explain that you are a student gathering with a group or learn about special discounts that you may miss otherwise!

Livigno (Italy)

It is a great place if you are looking for entertainment that goes beyond skiing. You will meet many other young students from all over the world and will enjoy great Italian food and nightclubs. It’s also considered Europe’s most affordable ski spot with amazing slopes for beginners!

Remembering About Safety Matters!

When you make your choice of a ski spot in Europe, do not forget to learn more about the destination and take your time to learn the basic skiing safety rules. Even if you are not visiting such spots for the first time, there are always certain changes in the tracks, restrictions, and things to consider. Talk to the locals, ask questions as you visit the hotel or a guest house, hire an instructor to help you learn, and always let someone know about your plans as you travel. Safety should always come first!

Author - Nurlana Alasgarli
Sarah Sloan   


Sarah Sloan loves to travel the world and simply adores the snow and skiing. As an educator and an expert in culture and technology, she constantly travels and loves sharing her experiences. Follow Sarah to travel along and find ways to make your times of leisure more enjoyable.


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