Top Skiing Gadgets You Must Have

The holidays are here with us. Snow cover is here, offering the perfect time to go skiing as you enjoy sports betting. You've done this many times before, and you're used to it. The tasks and activities can be daunting without adequate gear. 

Here are a few gadgets to make your next ski trip more enjoyable.

Suunto 9

The Suunto 9 is the latest addition to a line of rugged outdoor watches from the company. The watch is rugged and feature-packed. It is designed to offer the same levels of utility as the Garmin Fenix 7 Solar.

The Finnish company says the watch will last 120 hours on a single charge. This is done without compromising the accuracy of the GPS.

Suunto 9 can track performance in 80 individual sport modes, including running, triathlon, and mountain biking. The Suunto 9 is competitively priced, with prices starting at $599.

girl skiing
Hero 11

The GoPro hero 11 is one of the best action cameras if you need to capture the action from a first-person point of view. 

The camera is compact and supports several shooting modes at various resolutions, all the way to 5K. This makes it handy for shooting high-quality videos suitable for uploading to youtube. It also comes with video stabilization that produces smooth video motion.

The sturdy build should give you peace of mind that it will survive falls, dust, and even ingress by dust and water.

Smith Vantage MIPS

The smith vantage MIPS helmet is the latest and greatest from a company with a long history of making protective equipment. This one is no different as it features hybrid construction, BOA adjustment to ensure a snug fit without compromising on the weight, and MIPS technology.

The smith vantage will make a valuable safety net on your next skiing trip.

The Osprey Soelden Pro

The osprey Soelden pro is a backpack with an airbag. Skiing accidents are not new, and having an avalanche airbag backpack is a welcome safety feature. 

The backpack can carry enough gear for a day trip. The fit is perfect and snug. There are also features such as hip support and back contouring, which make you feel you’re carrying less weight than you are.

Carv Ski Instructor

Carv is a digital ski Coach that teaches beginner to intermediate-level skiers how to ski. Carv works with a pressure-sensitive insole that goes under your ski boot liner and connects to this digital Bluetooth transmitter that then connects to the Carv app on your smartphone.

Once set up, you'll have the insole in your boot, and it’ll throw up a screenshot on your phone, and essentially it shows you moving the boot in all kinds of different orientations when you're ready to go skiing.

To use, you connect your Carv device, located on the top of your ski boot, to the carve app and run a quick calibration, and you're ready to roll.

There are four ski modes; the first mode is free skiing, which lets you go skiing. Carv records a bunch of your data, and then they'll give you tips throughout the day. 

Phoozy XP3 Thermal Phone Case

The Phoozy XP3 is a pouch that can store your stuff and protect them from the elements. The sub-zero temperatures are detrimental to your phone, and this causes the battery to drain faster than it would at room temperature. 

You can put in your phones as well as any other accessory. They will be safe against impacts and remain warm and toasty, meaning you'll have a good amount of battery left.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Sometimes gloves just don't cut it. That's where rechargeable hand warmers come in handy. You put them in your pocket and enjoy the nice heat they generate. The design is intuitive and user-friendly. Once the charge is all used up, you recharge with the included charger and are good to go.


There are a plethora of gadgets to improve your skiing experience. It makes it safer and more enjoyable. The avalanche airbag is a personal favorite due to its real-world benefits. Video tools such as GoPro allow sharing your experiences with the world.

The Suunto 9, GoPro Hero 11, Smith Vantage MIPS, The Osprey Soelden Pro, Carv Ski Instructor, Phoozy XP3 Thermal Phone Case, and Rechargeable Hand Warmers are the must-haves.

Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
Aleksandra Djurdjevic          

Senior Content Creator

Aleksandra Djurdjevic is a senior writer and editor, covering snowboarding, skiing and trends in outdoor winter activities. She has previously worked as ESL teacher for English Tochka. Aleksandra graduated from the Comparative Literature department at the Faculty of Philosophy in Serbia. Aleksandra’s love for the mountains, getting out in the snow on her board, season after season, seeking wild snow adventures across the globe helps her continue to be a top expert at CSG.


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